Staying connected with sports fans: Ovies & Giglio’s strategy for sustainable success

By Gene Galin

Charlotte, NC – In a surprising turn of events, Joe Ovies and Joe Giglio, formerly hosts of a sports radio show in the Triangle, found themselves off the radio dial and onto a new path in the world of media. In my conversation with Joe Ovies at the ACC Football Kickoff in Charlotte, Joe opens up about the industry’s challenges, their swift transition to podcasting, and the support they’ve received from the sports community. As technology reshapes the media landscape, Ovies & Giglio’s transition to a new platform demonstrates the power of adaptability and the changing nature of sports broadcasting in 2023.

The Changing Landscape of Radio and Media

As the digital era continues to redefine the way people consume media, traditional radio faces a unique set of challenges. Ovies explains how companies across various industries, including media, have resorted to payroll and budget cuts to enhance their bottom lines. Despite boasting solid ratings and a dedicated following, Ovies & Giglio experienced a similar fate, signaling a wider trend in the industry.

Embracing New Horizons – From Radio to Podcasting

After parting ways with traditional radio, Ovies and Giglio saw an opportunity to capitalize on the digital revolution. Armed with the power of technology, they ventured into the world of podcasting and video content creation. Setting up a broadcast studio on a card table and utilizing high-quality cameras for YouTube, they transformed their content delivery, catering to a broader and more tech-savvy audience.

A Positive Response from the Sports Community

The sports community rallied around Ovies & Giglio, showing support for their new endeavor. Local colleges, professional sports teams, and athletes alike embraced the duo’s fresh approach to media. The strong relationships they cultivated over the years with local sports teams, including the Carolina Hurricanes and NC State Football fostered understanding and cooperation during this pivotal transition, proving that familiarity and trust are invaluable assets. Their podcast serves as another platform for athletes, coaches, and sports administrators to reach fans through modern media outlets.

Leveraging the Power of YouTube and Social Media

In the age of social media dominance, Ovies acknowledges the need to adapt content creation strategies to the preferences of the audience. The duo has utilized social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram to broaden their reach, realizing that adapting to the audience’s preferred platforms is vital for success. Drawing inspiration from YouTube sensation MrBeast, they discovered that a strong online presence requires meticulous attention to detail, especially when it comes to creating eye-catching thumbnails and engaging content. The journey into the world of YouTube content also shed light on the misconception that producing successful online media is effortless.

Embracing the Challenges of Independent Content Creation

As Ovies & Giglio took on independent content creation, they faced various challenges. Ovies candidly discusses how the transition required him to step out of his comfort zone, reaching out to potential advertisers and negotiating partnerships. Joe highlights the dedication required to create engaging content and the misconceptions around the time and effort needed for successful YouTube channels and podcasts.

A Studio for New Possibilities

With a vision for growth and expanded opportunities, Ovies & Giglio invested in a studio space that somewhat captures their personality. Transforming a small, dorm-like area into a creatively designed space with sound-dampening elements, they look forward to producing top-notch content while exploring new avenues for innovation and fan interaction.

Embracing Support from the Audience

To sustain their new venture, Ovies & Giglio offer their audience opportunities to support the show. With a donation button on their podcast platform, they encourage recurring payments and connect with fans on various social media platforms. Creating an experience akin to supporting an indie punk band, they have discovered that establishing a devoted community is essential for success in the digital era.