Lowes Foods To Go in Pittsboro: Convenient pickup and delivery service

By Gene Galin

Pittsboro, NC – In today’s fast-paced world, finding ways to save time and simplify everyday tasks is a top priority for many individuals. Offering a convenient solution to the traditional grocery shopping experience, the Lowes Foods To Go service allows customers to order their groceries online and have them delivered or ready for pickup at their preferred time. I had a chance to talk to Chad Petersen, Senior Vice President of ECommerce, at the Lowes Foods grand opening in Pittsboro. We discussed the various benefits of Lowes Foods To Go, exploring how it enhances convenience, saves time, and provides a seamless shopping experience for local residents.

The Personal Shopping Experience
At Lowes Foods, personal shoppers play a crucial role in ensuring a smooth and hassle-free shopping experience for customers. These individuals handpick items from the store’s shelves to fulfill each order. With the capacity to accommodate up to six cars at a time outside, Lowes Foods in Pittsboro guarantees that customers can conveniently collect their groceries, rain or shine.

Online Shopping Made Easy
Lowes Foods has fully embraced the digital age by offering a comprehensive online shopping platform for its customers. By visiting lowesfoods.com or using the Lowes Foods app, shoppers gain access to a wide range of products that can be added to their virtual carts with a simple click. Customers have access to detailed product descriptions and nutritional information, helping them make informed decisions about their purchases. The app even includes an in-store mode with an aisle locator and barcode scanner, allowing customers to quickly locate items and gather essential information about their desired products.

Personalization and Special Requests
Lowes Foods To Go goes beyond a simple online ordering system. The service allows customers to customize their shopping experience to suit their preferences. Customers can create personalized shopping lists, saving favorite items for future orders, making subsequent purchases even quicker. Moreover, individuals can specify special requests or dietary restrictions, ensuring that their groceries are tailored to their unique needs. Whether it’s selecting ripe produce or requesting specific cuts of meat, Lowes Foods To Go aims to provide a personalized and satisfying shopping experience.

Seamless Integration: Weekly Ads and Order Placement
To further streamline the shopping process, Lowes Foods has integrated its weekly ads with its order placement system within a single app. This means that customers can browse the latest deals and promotions while simultaneously adding items to their shopping lists or placing orders for pickup or delivery. This approach consolidates the entire shopping experience, making it more convenient and efficient for all shoppers.

Order and Pickup In-Store with Ease
Lowes Foods To Go allows customers to place their orders online and pick them up in-store within a short timeframe. Once an order has been placed, customers receive a notification when it is ready for pickup, typically within a couple of hours. Upon arrival at the store, customers can simply notify the staff, and their groceries will be promptly brought to them. This ensures a seamless transition from online shopping to in-person pickup, minimizing waiting times and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Delivery Service Partnerships
Recognizing the increasing demand for home delivery, Lowes Foods has partnered with various delivery services to offer an additional option to its customers. Once an order is ready for pickup, customers are notified, and the groceries are delivered straight to their doorstep by the designated partner. Among these partners is DoorDash, which offers delivery services within a 12-15 mile radius until 9 pm. This partnership expands the reach of Lowes Foods and provides customers with even more convenience and flexibility when it comes to receiving their groceries.

Efficient and Safe Curbside Pickup Process
One of the nice features of Lowes Foods to Go is its efficient and safe curbside pickup process. Customers no longer need to park their cars or spend unnecessary time searching for a parking spot. Instead, they can simply pull up to the designated pickup area, and personal shoppers will load their groceries into their vehicles. This convenient trunk pickup process saves time and effort, making it ideal for those who are always on the go.

Chad Petersen, Senior Vice President of ECommerce, at the Lowes Foods in Pittsboro. (photo by Gene Galin)

Chad Peterson is positive that the Lowes Foods to Go option in Pittsboro will offer residents a convenient and efficient grocery shopping experience. By combining the convenience of online shopping, the expertise of personal shoppers, and partnerships with delivery services, Lowes Foods has successfully created a comprehensive service that meets the needs of modern-day shoppers. With its user-friendly app, one-stop shopping experience, and safe curbside pickup process, Lowes Foods to Go makes it easy for customers to shop for groceries, saving them time, effort, and unnecessary hassle.

You can watch my discussion with Chad Petersen about Lowes Foods to Go service on YouTube

00:00 Lowes Foods to Go is a pickup and delivery service

  • Lowes Foods to Go is a personal shopping service for orders
  • Orders are staged in a new room to keep products safe and there is an outside area for guests to pull up

00:29 Personal shoppers can accommodate up to six cars at a time outside.

  • Customers can receive products during any weather condition.
  • A team of personal shoppers will pick and fulfill orders.

01:04 Lowes Foods offers online shopping for pickup and delivery

  • Customers can visit lowesfoods.com to start shopping
  • The Lowes Foods app includes an in-store mode with aisle locator and barcode scanner

01:42 One-stop shopping with weekly ad and order placement in a single app.

  • Customers can place orders for food to go through the app.
  • Personal shoppers will pick up the order and notify the customer for pick up.

02:14 Order online and pick up in-store with ease

  • Place your order online and receive a notification when it’s ready for pickup within two hours
  • Upon arrival, notify the store and your groceries will be brought to you

02:44 Lowes offers delivery service through partners

  • Customers are notified when their order is ready for pickup
  • Partners deliver the groceries to the customer’s house

03:17 DoorDash delivers within 12-15 miles until 9 pm

  • Products are loaded by the host and delivered by a Dasher
  • Orders can be placed online for delivery within the radius

03:52 Efficient and safe curbside pickup process

  • Customers don’t need to put their car on park for a quick pickup
  • Trunk pickup process is simple and convenient