Tim Lowe on Lowes Foods expansion into Pittsboro

By Gene Galin

Pittsboro, NC – In a move aimed at providing fresh products and supporting local communities, Lowes Foods, a grocery store chain with a long-standing presence in North Carolina, has recently expanded its operations to Pittsboro. The decision to venture into this new territory was carefully considered, backed by extensive consumer research, and motivated by a desire to offer a unique grocery shopping experience to more grocery shoppers. During my conversation with him, Tim Lowe, the President of Lowe’s Foods, shed light on the company’s expansion and its commitment to the community.

Established in 1954, Lowes Foods has been a trusted name in the state, and expanding to Pittsboro was seen as a natural extension of their mission to provide high-quality products to North Carolinians. The company recognized the immense potential in the area and believed in establishing a mutually beneficial partnership with the local community. Through consumer studies and in-depth ethnographic research, Lowe’s Foods aimed to gain a comprehensive understanding of the specific needs and preferences of the residents in Pittsboro.

“We wanted to connect with the people of Pittsboro on a deeper level,” explained Tim Lowe, President of Lowe’s Foods. “Understanding the local community is key to providing fresh products and supporting local businesses effectively. By conducting ethnographies and talking to people in their homes, we were able to gain valuable insights and build relationships based on trust and understanding.”

Lowes Foods president Tim Lowe inside the new Pittsboro store. (photo by Gene Galin)

Lowe’s Foods has taken significant steps to create an inclusive and welcoming environment within their stores. Tim Lowe himself is an example of the company’s values, having transitioned from being a pharmacist to a retail professional. He expresses excitement about calling the Carolinas home for the past decade and embodies the company’s dedication to the local area.

Lowe’s Foods recognized that modern consumers are increasingly interested in supporting their communities and seeking fresh products coupled with a unique shopping experience. With this in mind, the company strives to go beyond traditional grocery store offerings and create an environment that resonates with the local population.

Lowes Foods is also committed to combating childhood hunger and providing support to those in need. Through various programs that run throughout the year, the company actively fights against food insecurity in the community. Customers are given opportunities to contribute by purchasing donation bags or making donations at the check lanes, ensuring that the fight against hunger is a collaborative effort.

The company’s commitment to the local community extends beyond providing fresh and nutritious food. Lowe’s Foods has been instrumental in supporting local farmers, helping over 300 of them learn how to sell and grow produce in local supermarkets. By forging strong partnerships with these farmers, Lowes Foods ensures that customers have access to locally sourced products, supporting the local economy and promoting sustainable agriculture practices.

Speaking about the company’s philosophy, Tim Lowe highlighted the importance of hospitality and treating customers as guests. “We see our store as a host for guests,” he explained. “Our goal is to invite our guests in warmly and make them feel at home. By using the language of host and guest, we emphasize the welcoming environment we strive to create within our stores.”

Like many businesses, Lowes Foods had to adapt its operations during the pandemic. Sampling events, parties, and beer and wine pairings, which were an integral part of the store’s experience, had to be put on hold. However, the strong community trust built over the years helped the company navigate the challenges and continue serving customers in a safe environment. With the situation improving, Lowe’s Foods is gradually reintroducing these food experiences, bringing back the joy of exploration and discovery.

Looking ahead, Lowes Foods has ambitious plans for further growth and expansion. The company has already announced the opening of seven new locations, with more to be revealed in the near future. By expanding its reach, Lowe’s Foods aims to bring its unique approach to grocery shopping and community support to even more neighborhoods across North Carolina.

The Lowes Foods in Pittsboro opened for business on the morning of Thursday, July 28 at 8 am.