I ran my dog through the self-serve Pet Wash at Pittsboro Pet Supply

By Gene Galin

Pittsboro, NC – This all started several weeks ago, when my wife drove by Pittsboro Pet Supply and saw the 24/7 Pet Wash facility in front of the store. She suggested that I take our dog, Zhuk, over to give him a bath. So, in spite of me telling her that I could just go ahead and give him a bath at home, I found myself at the Pet Wash ready to give my dog a bath.

Before I started, Josh Miller gave me a few guidelines to follow, before beginning the process of washing my 65 pound pup.

Pittsboro Pet Supply offers a self-serve pet wash facility that provides convenience and ease for pet owners looking to wash their furry companions. I opted to video the process and provide an overview of the pet washing experience. This includes the services offered, tips for bathing dogs, the features of a self-serve dog washing set-up, and grooming tips.

24/7 Pet Wash with Temperature Control

Pittsboro Pet Supply’s pet wash is available 24/7, ensuring that pet owners can access the facility at their convenience. The pet wash offers temperature control, allowing owners to select the optimal water temperature for their pet’s comfort. The washing options include using a tub or washing on the floor in a wet room, catering to different pet sizes and preferences. The facility also provides a tie-off point to securely fasten pets during the washing process. I opted to use the tie-off point for Zhuk to prevent any accidents.

Washing Made Easy

The pet wash facility offers a straightforward and hassle-free experience for dog owners. For a fee of $10, customers receive a 15-minute washing session that includes all necessary supplies. Josh emphasizes that everything, including shampoo and conditioner, is included in the price. Oat shampoo, specifically designed for pets, is provided to clean and nourish their fur.

To initiate the washing process, we insert a credit card into the payment system.

Pittsboro Pet Supply showcases a dog washing machine that simplifies the bathing process. The machine features a hair-catching drain system, preventing clogs and maintaining a clean environment. It also offers a consistent water stream, ensuring a thorough wash for the pet.

Following the instructions provided by Josh, I begin by rinsing Zhuk with warm water. The self-serve tub is equipped with non-slip mats, ensuring safety of both pets and owners during the washing process. I go ahead and use the Oat shampoo, known for providing a relaxing coat, and lather it into Zhuk’s fur. Josh mentions that Labradors like Zhuk don’t shed much, but it’s still essential to give them a thorough wash.

Everything needed for this process is included, eliminating the need for pet owners to bring their own supplies. The facility offers flea and tick medication as well as a pet deodorizer for both indoor and outdoor dogs to keep them smelling fresh.

To assist dog owners in achieving an effective and enjoyable bathing experience, Pittsboro Pet Supply offers helpful tips. These tips include using water and fingers to clean dirt from the dog’s ears, ensuring a thorough clean. It is also recommended to lather shampoo into the dog’s skin, particularly for breeds like Labradors with thick coats that require extra attention.

After rinsing off the shampoo, I move on to conditioner, which helps maintain a soft coat. The dog washing process continues with a final rinse, ensuring all the products are washed off effectively. Josh mentions that the self-serve tub has a consistent stream of water, offering convenience and ease of use.

Pittsboro Pet Supply suggests using a vacuum to dry the dog after a bath, reducing the risk of skin irritation caused by towels. However, if owners are concerned about hygiene, they can bring their own towel for drying purposes.

Once the washing process is complete, I decide to use the vacuum feature to remove excess water from Zhuk’s fur. Since Zhuk isn’t a big fan of vacuums, so I switch over and use the dryer to speed up the drying process. However, your dog may love being vacuumed. You’ll need to try it out and see if they are OK with it.

With three minutes and 33 seconds remaining, I finish off the drying process. I go ahead and remove Zhuk from the tub. and finish up by tidying up a little and leaving the facility clean for the next user.

Overall, I found that the Pittsboro 24/7 Pet Wash provides an affordable, efficient and practical solution for keeping your pet clean and happy.

Final assessment
Would I bring my dog back to 24/7 Pet Wash again? Yes.
Would I recommend 24/7 Pet Wash to my family and friends? Yes.

You can watch my video of washing my dog at the Pet Wash on YouTube

00:04 Pittsboro Pet Supply offers a 24/7 Pet Wash with temperature control

  • Customers can wash their pets in a tub or on the floor in a wet room
  • The Pet Wash is convenient and has a tie-off point for securing pets

02:16 Washing your dog made easy

  • 15 minutes for $10 with all supplies included
  • Non-slip mats and Oak shampoo available

04:24 Tips for bathing your dog

  • Use water and fingers to clean dirt from ears
  • Lather shampoo into skin, especially for labs

06:29 A demonstration of a dog washing machine

  • Features of the machine include a hair-catching drain system and consistent water stream
  • The machine also has a conditioner dispenser for the dog’s hair

08:41 Learn how to keep your hair soft

  • Everything is included in the process, no need to bring anything
  • Consider using flea and tick medication or pet deodorizer for inside and outside dogs

10:44 Learn how to wash your dog for $10 in 15 minutes

  • Use shampoo, conditioner, and pet deodorizer for a better handle
  • Vacuum excess water with a vacuum cleaner and dryer depending on the dog’s style

13:03 Dog grooming tips

  • Use a vacuum to dry the dog after a bath
  • Bring your own towel if you’re worried about hygiene

17:06 Cleaning a pet in 14 minutes

  • Vacuum starts beeping after a minute without cleaning
  • Location and timings of Pittsboro Pet Supply