Stay up-to-date with the Pittsboro-Sanford water merger on new website

Pittsboro, NC – The Town of Pittsboro is pleased to announce the launch of a public website dedicated to providing information on the proposed merger of the water and wastewater systems with the City of Sanford. The website, which can be accessed at, aims to keep residents and stakeholders informed about the background, benefits, and other relevant details of the merger discussions.

The website features various sections that explain the background of the merger discussions, including how the idea of merging the water and sewer systems came about and what has been discussed so far. Additionally, the website outlines the benefits of merging the water and wastewater systems, providing insights into how this merger could positively impact the communities involved.

One of the highlights of the website is a section that compares the options available to the Town of Pittsboro and the City of Sanford regarding their water and wastewater systems. This section includes charts that allow residents to visually understand the differences and potential benefits of each option.

Furthermore, the website includes a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section, where residents can find answers to common queries about the merger. In an effort to maintain transparency and encourage community engagement, there is also a form where residents can submit their questions to be answered on the website.

The Town of Pittsboro is committed to keeping the public informed and engaged throughout the merger process. The website will be regularly updated with new information. Residents and customers are encouraged to visit the website to stay informed about the merger and to participate in the discussions by submitting questions and feedback.

For more information, please visit