Poll: NC voters decidedly favor capitalism over socialism

By David N. Bass

Raleigh, NC – Roughly six-in-10 likely voters prefer capitalism over socialism, according to the results of the latest Civitas Poll from the John Locke Foundation.

Asked if they think individuals or the government should have more control over the economy, 63% of respondents said individuals and 27% the government. About 58% said capitalism leads to greater innovation and progress. Eighteen percent said the same of socialism.

Sixty-six percent said that capitalism more closely aligns with the concept of “the American dream,” and 57% chose capitalism as more closely aligning with their own personal beliefs.

On the topic of “woke” capitalism, 50% said that employers should not take a public stand “on social issues that are politically controversial,” with 36% saying employers should do so.

“We are at an exciting crossroads in our nation’s economic conversation, as reflected by the voters’ emerging perspective,” said Donald Bryson, president of the John Locke Foundation. “These results indicate that more and more North Carolinians believe in the power of individual control and innovation as drivers for economic progress and the pursuit of the American Dream.”

The poll also queried voters on their take on state-level politics. Republicans maintain a 46% to 42% advantage on a generic ballot for the General Assembly, with a similar 46% to 43% advantage on the generic ballot for congressional seats.

Gov. Roy Cooper’s approval rating remained consistent with other recent polling in 2023, clocking in at 47% approval compared to 39% disapproving.

As for three of the candidates who have declared for governor so far, Attorney General Josh Stein, a Democrat, secured an approval rating of 27% to 18%, with 26% neither approving nor disapproving. Republican Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson scored a 34% approval to 24% disapproval, with 20% not sure, while Republican Treasurer Dale Folwell had an 18% approval rating, a 12% disapproval rating, and 32% unsure.

The poll was conducted June 18-19 and surveyed 600 likely general election voters.

Bass is a journalist and communications professional with nearly two decades of experience in the world of PR, marketing, and publications.

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