Northwood “Nuthouse” takes student section of the year award at HSOT Honors

Raleigh, NC – The 2023 HighSchoolOT Honors awards presentation took place in downtown Raleigh on June 17. This year’s best student section award went to the Northwood high school’s “Nuthouse.”

The Northwood Nuthouse was originally established in December 2007 by Alex Hart and basketball coach Frazier. It began as a student section dedicated to Northwood varsity basketball and has expanded to support multiple sports over the years.

Zoe and Gianmarc with the award trophy and banner for the Northwood Nuthouse

During the award presentation, the Northwood students, Gianmarc and Zoe mentioned that they enjoyed “bring the house down. Just as much as we are students section, we’re also a family. And so we’re there to bring it all to our teams.”

“So we are both seniors, we just graduated. So we take part in all those cheers.”

Zoe also wanted to talk about the community. She noted that the community has a big role in the student section. This past basketball season, students got into the game for free. “All of the sponsors around town gave back to us.” There was also a “Play for Karen” game, which is similar to the Kay Yow Foundation effort. Karen Heilman was a teacher who passed away due to cancer, so the proceeds go to a scholarship that’s given to a senior at the end of the year..