Northwood’s sign: Lasting tribute or disposable accessory for Chatham Park?

By J.V. Smith

Pittsboro, NC – I gotta say, it really hurt my heart when I heard the School Board voted to let Chatham Park Investors tear down the Northwood High School sign.  That sign was put together by the hard work of Northwood brick-laying students more than 40 years ago.  Tearing it down because it doesn’t fit their fancy corporate image just doesn’t sit right with me.

Thank you for reporting on it – Northwood High’s new signage will feature digital display.

I heard that Del Turner was the only one who spoke against it.  A pitiful shame nobody backed her up.  Embarrassing!

This bad idea came from the same folks who thought it would be good to chop down all the old trees at Northwoods, messing up the best cross country track in the whole state.  Chatham Park Investors think they have the right to meddle with our whole area, but they outta keep their noses on their own property; all 7,000 acres. It isn’t right for them to be pushing their so called improvements on land that doesn’t belong to them, especially public land like our schools.

It just don’t seem fair to me, and I reckon it’s about time someone spoke up about this.  I believe we need to protect our history and our land from these outsiders trying to change things. We need to let Chatham Park know they can’t just go around destroying what’s important to us.