Armando Bacot teams up with Kellogg’s and Tony the Tiger to support middle school sports

By Gene Galin

Pittsboro, NC – In a display of community engagement UNC basketball player, Armando Bacot, partnered with Kellogg’s and Tony the Tiger to give back to middle school sports. On June 6, Bacot’s came out to an event at a Chatham County Food Lion to showcase the power of using one’s platform to make a positive difference. Through this collaboration, Bacot aimed to emphasize the importance of bringing back the fun and joy to middle school sports, particularly in the context of younger athletes. The event not only benefitted the local community but also served as a reminder of Bacot’s commitment to using his influence to create meaningful change.

Armando Bacot with Tony the Tiger and Food Lion (photo by Gene Galin)

Mission Tiger, spearheaded by Tony the Tiger and Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes, has been on a mission to help save middle school sports. Their aim is to ensure that every child has access to sports and all the positive benefits they provide. Over the past few years, the initiative has successfully helped over one million kids across the country gain access to sports programs. By partnering with schools and providing financial assistance, Mission Tiger aims to reignite the joy and spirit of sports in middle schools.

Recognizing the need for broader support, Mission Tiger and Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes have committed to tripling donations made for eligible middle school sports projects in North Carolina. Through their partnership with education nonprofit DonorsChoose, they will allocate up to $20,000 to support middle school sports projects throughout the state. This financial boost will help bridge the funding gaps and ensure that more middle school students have access to organized sports.

The Connection with Kellogg’s and Tony the Tiger

In a discussion with media Armando Bacot said that the partnership between him and Kellogg’s came about organically, rooted in mutual admiration and shared values. The collaboration with Tony the Tiger was a natural progression, aligning with Kellogg’s commitment to promoting the enjoyment and accessibility of sports. The partnership sought to emphasize the significance of sports in children’s lives and the need to ensure they have the resources to participate fully.

Reconnecting with the Joy of Sports

Bacot’s interactions with folks at the event demonstrated his genuine connection and appreciation for the people who have supported him throughout his journey. The event provided an opportunity for Bacot to reflect on the essence of sports and the importance of preserving the joy and purity associated with them, especially at the middle school level. Bacot emphasized that during those formative years, sports are about having fun, without the burden of excessive pressure or expectations. Middle school was where Bacot’s passion for basketball began, and he recognized the need to ensure that future generations of athletes experience the same unbridled enjoyment he had in his early years.

From Middle School Athlete to Role Model

Reflecting on his own experience as a middle school basketball player, Bacot acknowledged that he never anticipated the incredible journey he would embark on. While acknowledging the pressure and business aspects that come with playing basketball at a high level, Bacot expressed gratitude for being able to reconnect with the purity and joy of the sport through events like the one at the Chatham County Food Lion. He understood the significance of using his platform to inspire and guide the next generation of athletes, emphasizing the importance of good character and being a positive role model.

The Benefits of Bacot’s Decision to Return

Armando Bacot said that his decision to return to the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill for another year not only benefits him individually but also serves a larger purpose. Bacot acknowledged that his return goes beyond personal ambitions, as he sees himself as an integral part of the North Carolina community. Recognizing the state’s and the university’s needs, Bacot felt a deep sense of responsibility to contribute and help build a stronger foundation for the future. This alignment of personal and community goals solidifies his commitment to making a lasting impact.

We ran a LiveStream of a portion of the Armando Bacot event on the Chatham Journal Facebook page.

You can watch and listen to the YouTube video at Armando Bacot at Food Lion – 6.6.23

00:00 UNC basketball player gives back to his community

  • Player partners with Kellogg’s and Tony the Tiger Mission Tiger to help middle school sports
  • Player emphasizes the importance of giving back to the community

01:06 Armando talks about the benefits of being part of a great community

  • Armando feels fortunate to be part of a great community with diverse people
  • Armando believes that coming back to the community is beneficial for both him and the community

02:16 Kellogg’s event promotes fun in sports

  • Kellogg’s event had a great turnout with people expressing gratitude
  • Kellogg’s message is to bring back fun in sports, especially for younger athletes

03:14 Partnering with NIL can help the next generation of kids

  • Middle school basketball was fun and pure without pressure
  • Partnering with NIL allows using platform to give back to the community

04:16 Interacting with kids brings joy

  • Kids are honest and bring a smile to my face
  • Encouraging kids to have fun and be good people

05:17 Excitement for new team members

  • Team has a lot of great guys who want to be here
  • Initial challenges with low numbers, but now excited to start playing with new members

06:19 New faces bring excitement and adjustment to the team

  • Elliot’s arrival is highly anticipated and will be a great addition to the team
  • The team is experiencing a complete turnover, which will require an adjustment period

07:17 Being a tour guide for a huge brand

  • Helping newcomers get familiar with the area
  • Using the opportunity to inspire philanthropy in the team