Customers flock to Pittsboro Feed for baby chicks

By Gene Galin

Pittsboro, NC – Pittsboro Feed, a local farm supply store, has become a bustling hub for customers seeking the joy of raising baby chicks. With its wide selection of chicks and knowledgeable staff, the store has gained a reputation as the go-to destination for poultry enthusiasts. Customers from Chatham County and other counties, including Harnett and Alamance, flock to Pittsboro Feed to choose their feathered friends.

Watching customers making their chick selections at Pittsboro Feed on Friday morning

I had the opportunity to come in this Friday morning before the chick sales began at 8:30 am. I got to see and talk to some of the folks in line to purchase their chicks. During the video conversations (embedded above), I learned about some of the reasons behind the growing popularity of raising chickens and the factors that make Pittsboro Feed a preferred source for baby chicks.

The Allure of Raising Baby Chicks

Raising baby chicks has become a rewarding and fulfilling hobby for many people. It offers a connection to nature, a sense of self-sufficiency, and the joy of witnessing the growth and development of these creatures. For those living in rural areas with ample space, chickens provide a valuable source of fresh eggs and pest control. Even in suburban and urban settings, chickens can be raised for companionship and as an educational experience for children.

The Appeal of Pittsboro Feed

Pittsboro Feed stands out among other suppliers due to its excellent selection of baby chicks. Customers appreciate the wide variety of breeds available, allowing them to choose chicks with specific characteristics, such as different egg colors or distinctive appearances. From Easter Eggers, known for their blue and green eggs, to Olive Eggers, which lay unique green eggs, the store offers a wide array of options to cater to different preferences. The store ensures the chicks are well-cared for, providing customers with healthy and robust birds.

Expert Insights: Christine Miller, Store Owner

Christine Miller, one of the owners of Pittsboro Feed, emphasizes the store’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. The store allows customers to personally select their chicks, giving them a sense of involvement and connection with their future feathered companions. The staff at Pittsboro Feed, many of whom have extensive experience with chickens, assist customers in making informed decisions. According to her, the store receives visitors from neighboring counties because of its exceptional reputation. She mentions that while other places may exist closer to customers’ homes, Pittsboro Feed offers a unique and diverse selection of chicks, making it worth the journey. The store has built a loyal customer base by consistently providing top-quality products and personalized customer service.

Expert Insights: Josh Miller, Chicken Enthusiast

Josh Miller, Christine’s son, shared insights into the world of poultry farming. He explained that some chicken breeds are more prone to becoming broody, a term used to describe hens’ desire to sit on eggs and incubate them. To address this behavior, folks can introduce baby chicks to broody hens, redirecting their nurturing instincts and preventing potential disruptions in egg production. This valuable information, coupled with the extensive knowledge available at Pittsboro Feed, ensures that customers are well-equipped to handle various aspects of raising chickens.

Building a Flock and Chick Compatibility

Whether someone is a first-time chicken owner looking for a handful of chicks or an experienced poultry farmer in need of a larger quantity, the store accommodates all needs. Customers like Marisol appreciate the variety available at Pittsboro Feed, as it allows them to create a diverse flock with different breeds, each producing eggs of various colors.

As customers browse through the selection at Pittsboro Feed, they often consider the dynamics within their existing flocks. Compatibility among chickens is crucial, as certain breeds may have different temperaments and social dynamics. However, many customers find that introducing new chicks into their established flocks is relatively seamless. Chickens are known to be social animals and generally adapt well to new members.

Continued Growth in Backyard Poultry Farming

The popularity of raising backyard chickens extends beyond just the practical benefits of fresh eggs. Chickens have become beloved pets and sources of joy for many individuals and families. The sense of community among chicken enthusiasts is evident, with customers sharing stories and experiences while waiting in line at Pittsboro Feed to select their chicks.

The interest in backyard poultry farming has surged in recent years. The desire for sustainable and organic food sources, as well as the therapeutic benefits of interacting with animals, has led many people to establish their small flocks. Raising chickens also provides an opportunity for families to teach children about responsibility, self-sufficiency, and the natural world.

The Role of Chickens in Pest Control

Apart from the companionship and eggs they provide, chickens offer valuable assistance in controlling pests, particularly in rural areas. By consuming insects and other pests, chickens contribute to the overall ecological balance of the area.

The Joy of Fresh Eggs and Self-Sufficiency

The allure of fresh eggs is a significant motivation for many chicken owners. Raising chickens allows individuals to enjoy a constant supply of nutritious eggs. For those interested in exploring the world of raising chickens, Pittsboro Feed encourages them to visit their website at

Watch and listen to the video about Customers buying baby chicks 🐥 at Pittsboro Feed – 6.9.23

00:05 Discussion about raising chickens

  • Naming chickens and avoiding duplicates
  • Choosing the right place to get different kinds of chicks

02:07 Choosing chicken breeds at Pittsboro Feed

  • Customer is getting a dozen chicks of different breeds from Pittsboro Feed
  • Pittsboro Feed has the best selection of chicks according to the customer

03:44 Raising chickens at home

  • Chicks are social and can be kept together
  • Chickens can be messy and sometimes annoying, but are useful for eating pests

05:28 Raising chickens for eggs

  • Chickens need protection from wildlife
  • Easter Eggers lay pink, blue, or green eggs

07:11 The speaker has six chickens with odd names and a favorite one.

  • The speaker got a cool coop from Over Easy.
  • Pittsboro Feed charges the same price for all chicken varieties.

08:35 Raising chickens and their behavior

  • Chickens can go broody and sit on eggs in their nesting box
  • Raising baby chicks is easier than getting new ones

09:48 Broody hens can be given chicks to break the cycle.

  • Broody hens stop laying eggs and sit on them for three weeks.
  • Hens can be given chicks to raise for 6-8 weeks and start laying again after 6 weeks.

11:00 Pittsburgh Feed is a popular destination for buying chicks

  • Pittsburgh Feed sells a large number of chicks
  • They publish an availability list on their website