Lowes Foods is hiring for their new grocery store in Pittsboro

By Gene Galin

Pittsboro, NC – Lowes Foods is preparing to open a brand new grocery store in Pittsboro, set to welcome customers by the end of June. The new store is located next to the Northwood high school. With the store’s launch just around the corner, Lowes Foods is actively hiring employees to fill various positions, offering employment opportunities for residents in the community.

The new Lowes Foods grocery store next to Northwood is under construction.

I had the chance to speak with Jeff Mclean, a representative from Lowes Foods, who provided insights into the upcoming store and the hiring process. Jeff has been overseeing the staffing and training of employees for the new location.

The new store, spanning approximately 51,000 square feet, will offer a wide range of positions, both full-time and part-time, catering to various skill sets and interests. Interested individuals are encouraged to apply online through the Lowes Foods website, with a range of unique positions available.

The Hiring Process: To apply for a position at the new Lowes Foods store, interested individuals can visit the company’s official website, lowes.com, and navigate to the careers section. There, they can find a link to the available positions and proceed with the online application process. Once the applications are received, the hiring team will review them and conduct screenings to select suitable candidates. Those who pass the initial stages will be invited for an in-person interview at the designated hiring center across from the new store location. If selected, candidates can look forward to joining the team at the new Pittsboro store.

With an assortment of job opportunities, Lowes Foods aims to provide individuals with the chance to join their team and contribute to the store’s success. However, time is of the essence, as the company has already begun the hiring process since March 1, and they are looking to fill approximately 145 positions.

Currently, Lowes Foods has reached the halfway mark in terms of hiring, with around 72 positions still available. Jeff emphasized that interested candidates should visit Lowes.com and navigate to the careers section to explore the available positions and submit their applications online.

For those interested in applying, it is crucial to act swiftly. The online application and hiring process will remain open until June 23rd, less than two months away. Prospective candidates are encouraged to submit their applications promptly to increase their chances of securing a position at the new store.

Jeff Mclean expressed his enthusiasm for welcoming new employees and emphasized that Lowes Foods is committed to providing a positive work environment.