Mayor Chip Price stresses economic growth for Siler City

By Gene Galin

Pittsboro, NC – Siler City mayor, Chip Price, spoke at the Chatham County Development Briefing on April 26, highlighting the progress and developments in Siler City. The event aimed to bring together leaders, developers, and stakeholders to discuss the economic development in and around Chatham County.

Mayor Price began by expressing his pleasure and honor to be invited to speak in front of this group again, stating that it is an exciting time to be in Siler City with a lot of things going on. He showcased pictures of the ongoing downtown redevelopment project, including a courtyard, a block of refurbished old line buildings, and a new retail space for the Chatham Meat Company. Mayor Price noted that there is a lot of innovation happening downtown, and many of the buildings have changed names from what they were previously known as.

The mayor then addressed the subject of affordable housing, a pressing issue for many of Siler City’s citizens, and acknowledged that the housing market is currently tight, with very few homes for sale. He mentioned Oakview, a project currently under construction at the Chatham Hospital site, which will have a total of 72 units available upon completion. Mayor Price emphasized the need for more places for people to live, as step one in attracting industry and step two being the creation of jobs.

The mayor went on to discuss two new proposed developments, Serenity Estates, and Fox Haven, which have been approved for construction. Serenity Estates will be located on Harold Andrews Road and will consist of 214 units. Fox Haven will be located on Lane Jordan Road, near the Wolfspeed site, and will offer a total of 766 units. These developments are expected to bring new residents to Siler City and help to spur economic growth in the region.

The mayor then shifted his focus to Wolfspeed, whose new materials facility will reside within the Chatham-Siler City Advanced Manufacturing Site, an industrial park that sits on approximately 1,802 acres. The facility is located on the border of Siler City and Randolph County, and the site has been transformed from woodlands and pastures to an active construction site. The project is expected to create a significant number of jobs in the region, and mayor Price expressed his excitement about the collaboration between the city and the company.

Mayor Price concluded his speech by stating that Siler City is committed to economic growth, both for its citizens and the surrounding regions. He expressed his enthusiasm for the developments currently underway and noted that there is much more to come in the future.