The Taste of Ireland at Doherty’s Irish Pub is coming to Pittsboro this fall

By Gene Galin

Pittsboro, NC – Doherty’s Irish Pub and Restaurant is expanding its reach with a new location in Pittsboro, Chatham County. This move offers a unique opportunity for growth for the restaurant, as the new location will be next to the Mod and Havoc Brewery. These are all located just of the courthouse traffic circle. The building is a two-story shell that will be modified to match the aesthetic of their other locations.

I had a chance to sit down last week with the one of Doherty’s managing partners, Steven Kanter, and we had a conversation about what the plans for opening up in Pittsboro looked like at this point.

Kanter shared that the reason behind opening a location in Pittsboro was to be part of the community and to prepare for the anticipated growth in Chatham County. The location he selected for the new pub and restaurant is a two-story building located within the SoCo footprint. The space is currently being designed by the same architect who worked on the Apex and Cary locations. The design of the new restaurant will follow the same aesthetic that made the two previous locations popular among visitors. The second story of the Pittsboro building located at 56 Sanford Street has an outdoor balcony that overlooks the historic Chatham County courthouse.

Doherty’s Irish Pub and Restaurant in Apex. (photo by Gene Galin)

Kanter mentioned that people from Chatham County were already coming to the Apex location, and the new pub would offer them a convenient location in Pittsboro. He also shared that Doherty’s Irish Pub is known for its Sunday brunch menu that includes a full Irish breakfast with rashers, traditional Irish sausage, and eggs Kilkenny, which is the pub’s version of eggs Benedict with rashers and corned beef hash.

Braised brisket sandwich at Doherty’s Pub. (photo by Gene Galin)

One of the things that sets Doherty’s apart is their commitment to using fresh ingredients and making homemade dressings and sauces. Doherty’s Irish Pub prides itself on being a scratch kitchen, where the food is made from scratch using whole foods, with no preservatives or additives. The pub uses braised brisket, which is cooked in Guinness, to make the brisket sandwiches. The fish and chips is the most popular dish, featuring a beer-battered filet and fresh sides. The fries served with the fish and chips are made in-house from whole potatoes, as are the salad dressings and sauces.

Greg Stafford, Eric Andrews and Gene Galin at the Apex Doherty’s Irish Pub for lunch to sample the food.

For those looking for traditional Irish favorites, Doherty’s has you covered with dishes like shepherd’s pie, corned beef and cabbage, Reuben sandwiches, and boxty. Other popular menu items include the brisket melt sandwich, pastrami ribbon, and turkey ribbon. Doherty’s unique take on boxty involves a potato crepe filled with various options such as brisket, portobello mushrooms, peppers, onions, and chicken in a bechamel sauce.

Kanter said that the new pub and restaurant would be a destination spot, and he was excited about the location’s synergy with Havoc Brewery and the Mod. The public parking lot across the street would also make it convenient for visitors to park their cars.

Doherty’s has been in business since 1995 and expanding to three locations, including the new one in Pittsboro. The owner, Michael Doherty, is an original partner in Tierney’s, Conley’s, and Doherty’s. The restaurant is open Monday-Saturday from 11am-11pm, and on Sunday from 9am-11pm.

Doherty’s Irish Pub has two other locations in Apex and Cary, and Kanter said that the Pittsboro location would follow the same model, but with modifications to accommodate the two-story building’s design. The pub will offer a wide selection of beers, whiskeys, and cocktails.

While the exact opening date of the new Pittsboro location is uncertain due to supply chain and labor market issues, the restaurant is currently hiring from Chatham County and Pittsboro, with assistance from their established pubs in the area. The new restaurant will have a main bar upstairs and outside seating with a capacity of around 130. The small bar downstairs will also have seating, and the food prep area will be on the ground floor with a food elevator that will get food up to the second floor.

Steve Kanter pointed out that Doherty’s aims to become part of the community in many ways and plans to be an active part of the Chatham County community.

In addition to their delicious food, Doherty’s offers a large selection of Irish whiskeys, including an Irish Whiskey Club for exploring different types and styles. The restaurant carries about 36 different labels of Irish whiskey, more than many people realize exist.

Kanter feels that Doherty’s Irish Pub and Restaurant is a unique and exciting addition to the Pittsboro community. With their commitment to fresh ingredients, homemade sauces and dressings, and traditional Irish favorites, they hope to become a popular spot for locals and visitors alike. The addition of their extensive selection of Irish whiskeys also makes them a standout in the area.

News of the new pub and restaurant coming to the SoCo project in downtown Pittsboro, has been received positively by the community, with many expressing excitement about having another dining option in the area. Some residents are already looking forward to enjoying the Irish-themed pub and restaurant’s unique ambiance and food.