Havoc Brewery opening in Pittsboro on April 29 with 6 beers on tap, plus cider & wine

By Gene Galin

Pittsboro, NC – Havoc Brewery set to take the beer scene by storm in Pittsboro. The town is inching closer to becoming the center of the beer universe with the opening of Havoc Brewery on April 29.

I had a chance to sit down earlier in the week with the primary owner Michael Pipkin, who shared the news that Havoc Brewery will officially open its doors to the public on April 29 at 11 A.M. The brewery will operate every day from 11 A.M. to 10 P.M. There are located at 39 West Street, right off the courthouse traffic circle.

Pipkin revealed that there will be six beers on tap at the grand opening, along with some local favorites such as Starlight Mead, cider from Chatham Ciderworks, wine, and sodas for those who don’t drink. The brewery will be a family-friendly establishment, with well-behaved dogs and kids always welcome, but Pipkin leaves the responsibility to parents to decide if their kids or pets should visit the brewery.

Havoc Brewery started as an idea in Pipkin’s head, and after months of hard work and dedication, his vision has come to fruition. The last time I visited the brewery site at the end of January, the place was pretty empty. Now, with the grand opening just days away, the brewery is fully furnished, and the Havoc team is ready to serve the public.

When asked about the capacity of the brewery, Pipkin stated that the inside can accommodate 300 people, and the patio can hold as many people as possible. With its ample space, the brewery should become a popular spot for events and gatherings.

Havoc Brewery

One of the standout features of Havoc Brewery is the fire pit that will provide an excellent spot for visitors to sit around and sip on their favorite beer during the fall and winter months. Pipkin had the idea for the fire pit after going through the Charlotte airport and seeing the iconic rocking chairs. He wanted to create a similar atmosphere at Havoc Brewery where visitors can sit, stay a while, and enjoy a beer.

Havoc Brewery’s head brewer, Andy Smith, is trained in European styles and enjoys clean, style beers, while Pipkin likes to experiment with different flavors. The two will work together to create unique and exciting beers that will leave visitors wanting more.

Pipkin’s ultimate goal is for Pittsboro to become the next beer capital, challenging the likes of Asheville, which is known as the beer capital of North Carolina. With the help of Havoc Brewery, Pipkin is hoping to put Pittsboro on the map for beer enthusiasts.

Pittsboro is known for its small-town charm, and Havoc Brewery aims to add to that charm by bringing a unique and exciting spot for locals and visitors to enjoy. The brewery’s location is ideal, being only a short drive to downtown Pittsboro, and its ample parking makes it easy for visitors to park their cars and enjoy a beer.

One of the unique beers on offer at Havoc Brewing Company is the habanero IPA. This beer is not too spicy, but instead offers a bitter and delicious taste. Hops in beer preserve it and add flavor and aroma, creating a unique drinking experience. The brewery is also environmentally conscious, reclaiming water and using spent grain to feed cows.

The story behind the creation of Havoc Brewing Company is just as interesting as the beers they serve. Two friends, Michael and Andy, discovered their passion for beer and started brewing together in their garage. One friend introduced the other to the world of beer and taught him about the different flavors and ingredients. They started brewing together in their garage after one friend served the other a homemade beer and showed him his setup.

Entertainment will also be a big part of the Havoc Brewing Company experience. The brewery plans to have bands, music, karaoke, and trivia, with a schedule for entertainment already in place.

Started by friends during the COVID-19 pandemic, Havoc Brewery has risen from the ashes with a phoenix-inspired design that has become synonymous with the brand.

Marketing director, Holly Benton, has been leading the charge when it comes to Havoc Brewery’s merchandise efforts, which includes brewery t-shirts with a hoppy Phoenix logo. The design was created in Raleigh and has become a staple for Havoc Brewery’s merchandise line.

The Phoenix-inspired design holds a significant meaning for Havoc Brewery’s founder, Michael Pipkin. Starting a brewery was a second career for Michael after retiring from his previous profession. The Phoenix symbolism was a perfect fit, representing his new beginning and the rebirth of the brewery.

The merchandise available at Havoc Brewery doesn’t stop at t-shirts and lightweight hoodies. The brewery also offers Fermenter logo merchandise, including shirts, hoodies, koozies, stickers, and magnets. And for those looking for more items, hats and pint glasses will be added to the mix in the next few weeks. Holly is open to suggestions for new merchandise, so customers are encouraged to speak up and share their ideas.

Not only is the merchandise soft and comfortable, but the hoodies are also lightweight, making them perfect for summer weather. The sizes range from XS to 2XL, ensuring that all customers can find the perfect fit.

As the grand opening approaches, the excitement has been building among the Havoc Brewery team. They have been working hard to get to this point, with friends even helping to assemble furniture over the weekend with music and pizza. And with the final installation on Thursday, the brewery will finally be branded with the Havoc name for all to see.

Holly and the rest of the Havoc Brewery team are excited to see the community’s response to their new establishment. With merchandise sales already in full swing and the final touches being made to the brewery, everything is coming together for a successful grand opening.

The grand opening of Havoc Brewing Company is on April 29 at 11 a.m., and the doors will be open every day from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m except for holidays. The Havoc owners are also looking for people who want to learn how to brew on a professional level and are open to starting a Homebrew Club. Havoc is still taking applications for servers and barbacks with the minimum age of 16.

Walk-through Havoc Brewery with Michael Pipkin on January 27, 2023.