Tabitha McLeod is March’s Power of One award winner

Pittsboro, NC – Dr. Amanda Moran presented Tabitha McLeod with Chatham County School’s Power of One award at Monday’s school board meeting. Tabitha is the Chatham Middle School cafe manager.

Tabitha McLeod (middle) along with her coworkers. (photo courtesy of Chatham County Schools)

The Power of One award recognizes an individual who has had a powerful impact on shaping the direction of someone else’s life.  Each month Chatham County Schools select a recipient to be recognized at the Board of Education meeting.  Recipients receive a Power of One Award plaque and a small token of appreciation from local sponsors.  Nominations can come from community members, parents, staff, or students. Any staff member — both certified or classified — can be selected for the award. 

“Tabitha is our café manager at Chatham Middle School. She started with school nutrition as a substitute during the pandemic and was willing to go anywhere and everywhere to feed children. She was quickly promoted to management, because she kept looking for opportunities to learn and grow. Since working at Chatham Middle as a manager she has really embraced the school culture. Staff and students praise her, because she is consistent in delivering goods and services. She’s always asking and looking for ways to improve meal time services to encourage student participation at lunch and breakfast. She calls or emails in weekly to central services to ask if we need help in the office, especially during our staffing shortages. She’s always the first to respond to request when we need to test recipes and new products with students. Tabitha has been a job-a-like peer mentor for new managers. Many managers call on her for assistance. She’s inspired by her work and enjoys her job, and encourages others around her to see the benefit in their positions working for the students. She embodies our mission by doing all these thing for the collective rather than personal gains.”