Greg Stafford recognized by Pittsboro town board as a Main Street Champion

Pittsboro, NC – At the beginning of Monday evening’s Pittboro town board meeting, mayor Cindy Perry got up to make a proclamation about a local town businessman. The resolution was in recognition of Greg Stafford as Pittsboro’s 2022 North Carolina Main Street Champion.

“So while there’s been much support for the revitalization efforts in downtown Pittsboro, there’s one person that stands a bit taller. And that person is Greg Stafford.”

Greg received the award for the Main Street Champion, in recognition of his hard work over the years renovating several properties downtown. And for his support in the downtown Pittsboro program. He received the award at the annual North Carolina Main Street conference recently. The award was given by senior North Carolina Secretary of Commerce, Machelle Baker Sanders, and Assistant Secretary of Rural Economic Development, Kenny Flowers.

Paula and Greg Stafford at the Pittsboro Town Board meeting. (photo by Gene Galin)

Pittsboro mayor Cindy Perry noted that the resolution honored Greg and it was her pleasure to present it to him that evening.

Mayor Perry went on to say that March is Women’s History Month and that we cannot forget the role that Greg’s wife Paula Stafford has played in the SoCo project. Paula had a dream. And Paula’s dream for the spot by the historic courthouse was for it to be a gathering area where people could come together and be a special community that is.

Greg Stafford looks on as mayor Perry reads the resolution. (photo by Gene Galin)

“And so Paula I think that this award in many respects is your your award as well,” mayor Cindy concluded before reading the resolution.


WHEREAS, Gregory Stafford is an active supporter of the Pittsboro Main Street program,
serving as a member of the Downtown Advisory Board and is the Chair of the Economic Vitality
Committee; and
WHEREAS, making profound improvements in Downtown Pittsboro, Gregory Stafford has
steadily renovated a total of five downtown properties, creating positive economic change for the
Pittsboro community; and
WHEREAS, Gregory Stafford is well known by his cheerful, laid-back demeanor and his
willingness to spare no effort to better Downtown Pittsboro, helping to cultivate a vibrant and
thriving community; and
WHEREAS, the Town of Pittsboro recognizes his efforts, hard work, and dedication, which
have been instrumental in the revitalization of Downtown Pittsboro; and
WHEREAS, each year the North Carolina Main Street and Rural Planning Center, a
function of the North Carolina Department of Commerce, recognizes the efforts of dedicated
individuals who have contributed to the success of local Main Street programs across the state;
WHEREAS, Gregory Stafford was welcomed within the ranks of Main Street Champions
across the State of North Carolina, receiving this distinct honor at the 2023 Annual Main Street
Conference held in Statesville, North Carolina, in March 2023;
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Mayor and Board of Commissioners for the Town
of Pittsboro recognizes Gregory Stafford’s exceptionally valuable contributions though his vision,
leadership, and action, and is proud to call Gregory Stafford our 2022 NC Main Street Champion.
Adopted this 27th day of March 2023.
Cindy S. Perry, Mayor