Necking while watching T.V.

By Nathan Allen Booko

Pittsboro, NC – I sit a lot these days. Some of that time is spent necking while watching T.V. Of course it sometimes interferes with what I’m watching and even reaches the point of discomfort. Not that I’m a sadist or a pervert, but these days I just can’t sit idle, watch T.V. without a little necking. I suppose necking without any discomfort, to some would seem slightly erotic. Now mind you, different folks have different definitions of erotic and necking. In this case, strawberries and hickies have nothing to do with it.

In my particular case, necking means trying to get my neck positioned just right while sitting or watching T.V.  Necking moving my head around to relieve the stiffness and strain of keeping my head in one place. Maybe it is not my head at all, but maybe the cords in my neck are tired and worn. Most of them are the original 1936 factory installation. If any new ones were added thirteen years later at puberty is news to me.

Have always heard “hold head high” . . It gets harder everyday. Stooping is constantly a threat. And guess what?  The neck is in the middle of the strife. It bears a lot of the burden. It connects the brain to the body. It does at times need special attention and care.

For years, I sorta snickered at the thoughts of folks wearing those silly ring shaped neck pillows on airplanes. I mean like . . Really? A doughnut pillow? Tee hee . . Aren’t they just too precious? Please give normality a break.

Maybe six months ago I was in a store and noticed a man wearing a donut ring neck pillow. How strange. But I also imminently saw that there was a shelf of neck pillows behind him.  Curious, I tried on one of them. I was astounded at the immediate support I felt to my neck. Comfort built-in in that funny little pillow. I bought it. Just to add to the excitement, I chose a leopard print fabric pillow.

This little pillow has done wonders for my neck problems . . It makes it easy to doze off for refreshing little or long “cat” naps.

I highly recommend this type of “necking” just sitting watching T.V. or sneaking a short sleep.