Chicken poop needs to be handled properly

Siler City, NC – Here are a couple of responses to Ms. Coates earlier post about chicken poop on Foust Road.

Waste on Foust Rd.

If this indeed is chicken manure, a note to whomever is wasting it on Foust Rd. There is no need to be a public nuisance. We have welcomed chicken manure to pastures in Chatham County for 60 plus years. That is why we have cattle and deer here and no longer are a worldwide destination for quail hunters.

Email and arrange to spread on pasture.

John Dykers

Mountaire crap

Mountaire is irresponsible when it comes to polluting. I live on the Rocky River and watch the waste from Mountaire (that Siler City can’t or won’t treat sufficiently) floating by every day. It’s a travesty. Yes, call County, State and federal regulators and the Chatham News.

Kim Caraganis