A late night disaster: How I accidentally drove through a pool of chicken poop

By Bridget Coates

Siler City, NC – Wednesday night I was driving on Foust Road, towards 421. This was approximately 11:30 pm. I see something all over the end of the road, covering the entire end of the road. Well, it was chicken waste. Literally waste. Pooling everywhere. Well I didn’t realize that until I drove my Jeep through it, tires slinging waste all over my Jeep, including on my soft top.

(photo by John Towner)

A week and a half ago, there was dried yellow stuff all over the road. Now I know what that dried yellow substance was. So twice in one and a half weeks, they’ve had trucks offloading waste.

I called the hatchery today and the employee who answered the phone said she’s also complained about this; making Mountaire aware there’s an issue. She stated that they have waste trucks that pickup the waste and dispose of it off property. To that I responded, “Yes, yes they do dispose of it off property. On Foust Road.”

Anywho, I was given the number to Doug Goodwin, a regional manager with Mountaire. I called and didn’t get a response back. I texted him since the number provided was a cell. No response.

So who needs to be contacted? Chatham County Health Dept, the EPA, the Chatham News? Manure gets spread on private fields, not in public roadways.

P.S. Chicken waste dries by the time you make it to town. So not only was a pressure washer required to loosen the muck, hours were spent scrubbing.

Lesson of my day – don’t drive through crap.