10 fun projects to teach kids STEM thinking

By Burney Waring

Pittsboro, NC – On Thursday, February 16 we will be having an event at 79°West in Pittsboro to share 10 fun STEM projects that you can do with kids. These are cheap projects and can be done in an hour.  We will share the instructions for these.  

Engineering design-thinking is applicable in every business that produces a product or service. Just like reading and math, this way of thinking is fundamental enough that it can be taught to even young kids.  School is too often about success or failure. Engineering design-thinking is seeing that in the real world problems are solved by a process of trying, analyzing the result, and trying again with improvements, repeating until the problem is solved.  We are teaching this to elementary, middle, and high school kids, led by Erin Denniston, professional educator and STEM Coach. We will be demonstrating the process while doing a couple of projects.

We would love to help anyone who wants to work with their own kids and grandkids or classroom kids, or wants to start their own club. The event is Thursday, February 16 at 5pm at 79°West in Pittsboro.  It’s free and we will have free pizza also.

We would also like to hear about your own favorite STEM projects! Bring your well behaved kiddos, if you like.

Innovate Chatham puts on Tech Talk events like this once a month.  Here is where to register for this event with Eventbrite.