These are a few of my favorite Chatham County things

By Kathy Zinn

Pittsboro, NC – Here is a list of a few of my favorite things about Chatham County:

  1. On my list is our Chatham Community Library – I know the Pittsboro branch the best. They are unfailingly polite, helpful and caring -and knowledgeable!! Plus it’s just a lovely place to be.
  2. has to be the Chatham Chatlist itself, and of course, Gene, who makes it all work and keeps us connected and in dialogue with each other.
  3. The Small Cafe – – delicious food and a delightful space – especially the outdoors – great place to spend time with my spouse and talk!!
  4. The Phoenix – great food and coffee, nice place to meet friends .
  5. Circle City Books – how great to have a bookstore right here in town. I love to wander its rooms and occasionally make great finds – also gifts!!
  6. The Chatham Market – a real treasure for the kind of products, good food, friendly folks, and The Porch!!
  7. The Chatham Record – I appreciate how it has grown and improved in its coverage of our local stories. We are so fortunate to still have a weekly local paper in this community! (I need to get a subscription – sorry!)
  8. The S & T Soda Shoppe – a local icon (people all over the state know about it), great ice cream – great place to take kids
  9. The Mary Hayes Barbour Holmes (or are the names the other way round) park in Powell Place – my favorite place to walk! I love the delightful little sitting shelter, the picnic shelter, the “climbing park” as my grandkids call it, the soccer field, and the off-track dirt paths to wander through the trees
  10. CORA – our best and most important community charity, IMHO – I am a monthly donor. Of course, there are many more things I love about this county, and especially Pittsboro (how could I leave out our beautiful historic Courthouse?? )

But that is all for now.