27,318 early votes cast in 2022 Chatham County election

Pittsboro, NC – The mid-term early voting period in Chatham County closed on Saturday, November 5. Chatham County voters had cast 27,318 votes by the close of voting at 3 pm.

Most of the early voting took place in person (25,866) versus by mail (1,452)

Of the 27,318 early votes, 11,410 votes were cast by Democrats, 10,227 were cast by Unaffiliated voters and 5,616 votes by Republicans. There were 65 Libertarian early votes.

In 2010, Democrats make up 54% of the electorate in Chatham County; Republicans 25%, and Unaffiliated 21%. In 2022, Democrats dropped to 36%, Republicans remain at about 24%, and Unaffiliated jumped to 40%.

10,907 people voted at the CCCC Health Science Building. 1,452 of the early votes were mailed in.

More women voted than men.

763 75-year-olders represented the largest age group of early voters.

Early voting breakdown by race.

Early voting by precinct.