Winger and Moore dominated school board candidates’ forum

By Rick Brownfield

Pittsboro, NC – We posted the first unedited video clip from the October 26 Chatham County school board candidates’ forum. You can watch it on YouTube. Jessica Winger and Tim Moore dominated! But don’t take our word for it. Watch the video and make a decision for yourself. 

Del Turner, Jessica Winger and Tim Moore introduced themselves to kick off the school board candidates forum.

Do you vote for the party or for the candidate? Are you willing to continue with an opaque school board?

It seems that it would be simple for the school board and the school administration to have dialog with parents. When I was in public school (I walked to school uphill, in the snow, both ways; at least that is what my kids say), the PTA was a strong voice, parents were always welcome, and no one tried to hide the curriculum. We read Mark Twain, Charles Dickens, and were encouraged to read both modern fiction and non-fiction.  No one talked about banning books, no one objected to teaching American History. The Civil War was presented factually, we actually had classes in Civics and Government, and our teachers did their best to interest us in current events (this was the 1960’s).

Take a moment to put aside party politics. What do you think is the best way forward for Chatham County? I think a transparent school board, focused on raising reading, writing, and math abilities for disadvantaged students is a good idea. I don’t think that simply treating children in our school as “my kids” will prepare them for life in the 21st Century.

Make your decision, then vote.