Nonprofits, inventors, and entrepreneurs all need to learn this important skill at CCCC

Pittsboro, NC – Why should you enroll in “Introduction to Grant Writing” at Central Carolina Community College?  Because grants can provide the financial resources that nonprofits, inventors, and entrepreneurs (and more) need to launch their business, provide new services, or carry out new projects.  With a grant you can have the resources to do a lot of important work, such as address a local or national problem, build infrastructure, go to college, perform academic research, launch a small business, or increase services for social and community support programs.

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However, applying for grants is extremely competitive, and requires time and excellent preparation to find opportunities and develop a proposal.  It is important to have a realistic understanding of the grant process including the resources and time required to submit a competitive application.  

In this hands-on workshop, you will learn the basics of writing a grant including: learning different components of a grant, setting and maintaining grant cycles, identifying grant funding resources, and applying good storytelling to sell your proposal for a successful program.

That is why you should enroll in Introduction to Grant Writing at Central Carolina Community College.

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