Truth cannot be ERACED

By Terri Gibson

Pittsboro, NC – I must say how thankful I am. Without your videos and the slides you shared on Critical Race Theory (CRT) I may have never known how horrible this agenda is. Mr. Amanchukwu is a ray of hope, a bright light in a dark time and speaks the truth through love. I wish he would run for office, any office; he’s got my vote. I look forward to his book. I think everyone I know with kids may get one for Christmas – ERACED.

I want to share that not all of America fits this Critical Race Theory.

I grew up in two North Carolina towns where I was a minority. I was bullied, hit, spat on, harassed verbally, physically and sexually. Being one of one to four white kids on the hour long bus rides led to some horrible memories. Going to the bathroom during class was a dangerous thing to do. At the age of 14 it peaked when I was raped and told it was because I was white.

I reported it and the first two people on-site were social workers; one black, one white. They showed compassion and gave me words of wisdom that I hold on to even now almost 40 years later. “You were not raped by a race, you were raped by a person”. “It matter not where you are or what you are wearing, in a civilized society, no means no”. “Rape is a violent crime, not a sexual act”. (Mind you I was wearing regular clothing and walking to the creek because I was mad at my mother because she wouldn’t let me go to my friend’s house.)

He served one year of a ten year sentence. I’m SERVING LIFE.

I can’t walk alone except across a parking lot or my yard. He took my sense of safety. However, I acknowledge it was a singular person that did that to me. Not a man, not a black person, but instead a single human. I don’t demonize a race or men because of my past. Why should we demonize white people of today for the sins of the past?

I heard all the derogatory terms for black people at relatives’ homes and all the derogatory terms for me at school. Thank God, I heard truth and love at church. I had love from my family and I developed my own opinions based on God’s word. Being treated poorly made me mindful of my words and actions towards others.

Knowing nothing but being a minority, I never felt superior to anyone. It cuts deep to see the words written in CRT that are being indoctrinated in our children. No child should be made to feel we are so different. We aren’t.

Yes, acknowledge the beauty and unique attributes of culture, ethnicity and heritage but don’t turn it into a place where our nation is so divided it falls apart. To humiliate a child because of their religion or lack of is wrong.

 I am sure many will attack me for my thoughts, experiences and words but know my only goal is to say this Critical Race Theory does not fit me or our children of today.  It needs to be stopped.