How about the bedrock American principles of “liberty and justice for all”?

By Richie Temple

Pittsboro, NC – I am so sorry to see the poison of Critical Race Theory (CRT) mandated for training of staff and faculty in Chatham County Schools. As is well-known by now CRT is hugely divisive being based on a false and selective version of history in which all of life is seen as a racial dichotomy with whites being the oppressors and blacks being the oppressed.

However, as we all know history and life are far, far more complicated than that.

One of the pages from the mandatory Critical Race Theory training in Chatham County Schools.

As a further slap in the face of the trainees, CRT normally also insists that its tenets are beyond critical scrutiny and thus must be accepted as presented. If it is in fact presented in this way and if it compels its trainees to accept it then it is also most likely un-constitutional and legal recourse should be sought. The information in the article “Chatham County Schools mandates Critical Race Theory training” (along with many other good articles) shows the damaging nature of CRT and should be read by all.

Is this really what the people of Chatham County School system want for their children?

How about instead, the bedrock American principles of “liberty and justice for all”?!