Mural proposed for George Moses Horton Middle School

Pittsboro, NC – The Community Remembrance Coalition – Chatham (CRC-C) is seeking to partner with the Chatham County school district to install a historical mural on the campus of George Moses Horton Middle School. The mural will be fully funded by the CRC-C.

The matter will be discussed at the August 15 Chatham County school board meeting. School superintendent Anthony Jackson will recommend that the school board approve the project.

The proposal is outlined below provides the theme and details of the project.

The Community Remembrance Coalition – Chatham is requesting permission for a mural to be placed
on the outside back wall of the George Moses Horton Middle School.
The mural, Truth, Justice and Reconciliation, will be fully funded by the Community Remembrance
Coalition-Chatham (CRC-C) and designed by noted Durham-based artist David Wilson, It will honor outstanding African-Americans from Chatham County.

Size – 18 ft x 26 ft.
Location and Materials: The mural will be made of metal and attached to the wall. It will be placed 8 ft. from the ground to ensure that no one can deface the mural.
The school wall was originally designed to allow for the possibility of expansion, therefore by attaching a metal mural, it can be moved if necessary.
The quality of the paint and fabrication process as well as the preservative on the mural, once it is in place, will ensure its durability. The mural should not need any repair for at least 15 years. The CRC-C will be responsible for any repairs that may be required to the mural in the future.

Design Development – Fall – Winter 2022 – The muralist, in consultation with a diverse mural committee from the CRC–C, will develop sketches with a deliverable of a final design for the mural. The mural committee has been meeting for several months to develop the content of the mural and will continue to review sketches and give approval to the final design.

Artist in the School – Time TBA – One Week – The principal of the George Moses Horton Middle School, Mr. Bradyn Robinson and our muralist, David Wilson have discussed having David work with the Art and History teachers as the mural is being designed and installed. Installation – Spring 2023 – The fabrication and installation will depend upon the weather but is estimated to be in March – May.

OVERALL THEME – Truth, Justice, and Reconciliation

Outstanding African American trailblazers from Pittsboro would be represented:
● Reverend Rufus V. Horton – Minister, owner of a grocery store and author of “Can These Bones Live”,
He was a water dowser, part owner of a funeral home and blood relative of George Moses Horton.
● Mrs. Cordie Glover Leake – Mama Cordie, a midwife, delivered babies throughout Pittsboro and
Hickory Mountain for 42 years. Many of our black ancestors were born by way of her skills as a
● Mr. Edgar Bland – first African American to join the Chatham County Sheriff Department. He was
effective in ensuring justice in the county, including in the African Americans community.
● Ms. Geraldine DeGraffenreidt – One of the leaders with energy. She was committed to making sure
we had a Black History Program for the county, held yearly at the former Horton Middle School.
● Mrs. Lillie Rodgers – represents the Educators. She started the Day Care at Mt. Sinai and Mitchell
Chapel. She was known for providing clothing for anyone in need and part owner of a Restaurant.
● Charlie Baldwin, Sr, – farmer and political leader. He boarded teachers for Horton High School and
was one of the leaders to start the Chatham County Fair in 1950, one of the leaders in starting the
Chatham Community NAACP Branch July 15, 1957 and was one of the leader to start the Chatham
County Council on Aging July 8, 1974.
● Isaiah Taylor – Principal at Horton High School and first Pittsboro Commissioner.
● Armed Services = **No particular person. Images of uniformed personnel representing all branches
of the services – honoring all who served and answered the call of their country.
● Images of African Americans from all military branches. Cato Reaves was the first African American
A church and images of life on a farm are included.
Several one-room schools consolidated to Horton High School in 1935 is how the African American entered the profession world – 12-Historical Black Colleges like Shaw University, Barber-Scotia, NC Central, Winston-Salem State, NC A& T State Univ., St. Augustine’s University, Fayetteville State University, Bennett College, Hampton University, Johnson C. Smith, Livingstone College, and Elizabeth City State University.
To further highlight the theme of reconciliation, the mural will end with group of multiracial children
holding hands, excited and anticipating the future.
Rabbits that were so plentiful it was unique to Chatham County.
Ferris wheel to mark the history of the Chatham County Fair Association.
This mural will bring us from Africa, I believe Dr. Charles D. Johnson research said West Africa.