Unexpected issue forces additional delay for Pittsboro’s activated carbon filter project

Pittsboro, NC – The Granular Activated Carbon (or GAC) filter, which was planned to be activated by the end of the day today, Friday, August 5, 2022, has again been delayed to unforeseen complications. While this news is not what we wish to share today, we want to maintain the highest level of transparency and communication with our residents and water customers.

Granular Activated Carbon

As the construction crew was finalizing the underground pipe installation, they encountered a large area of rocks that they were not anticipating. Because the crew was not expecting to run into this obstacle, they did not have the equipment required to push through the rock bed. Because of this delay, post-installation chlorination and bacteria testing were unable to be performed, and the representative from Calgon Carbon (the company that manufactured the GAC system) was unable to perform the required backwash of the tanks, which must occur after all these steps are completed.

Further complicating this situation is the fact that only one employee of the company can perform the backwash operation, and they will not be able to return to complete the process for at least ten (10) days. CDM Smith, the construction contractor, is working with Calgon Carbon to identify and provide an alternate person to perform this work. Unfortunately, the Town is unsure if this will be possible.

The Town will continue to inform our residents and water customers about this delay, and we hope to give a better date for finalization and activation soon. We appreciate the patience our residents and customers have shown as we work to complete this process and look forward to bringing the GAC filtration system online as soon as possible.