Jessica Winger kicks-off campaign for Chatham County Board of Education

Pittsboro, NC – Today, Jessica Winger officially opened her campaign to a round of cheers with friends and supporters. Jessica is running for the 3rd Educational District with the Chatham County NC Board of Education.

“I am running because I want to give parents a strong voice in school policy decisions. Many parents and teachers I’ve spoken with have lost trust in the board. They feel their viewpoints are ignored and pushed aside. I will fight to bring greater transparency, accountability, and better communication from the school board. I also want to create a strong partnership between families and teachers so that our students are fully supported by all sides in their learning,” said Winger. “I want to restore trust between parents and the school board.”

“I look forward to having an invested and informed parent on the board,” said longtime friend and supporter Heather Smith.  “Jessica is a caring mother and an active community member who will champion all parent voices. She will be a welcomed change to the status quo,” Smith added.

Jessica Winger is the only person running in the third district who is both an educator and a mother with children in the Chatham Public Schools. Jessica brings a mother’s touch to the board.

“This is going to be an exciting race,” said Winger. “My campaign is about representing parents, local teachers, and students. I will fight hard to support our teachers. I want them to focus on doing the job they love and not be burdened with never-ending red tape. I want to restore public trust in the board after years of status quo leaders. I intend to make these the cornerstones of my campaign.”

Press information released by Jessica Winger Campaign