Video: Pittsboro’s Jacques Dufour talks about participating in Big Rock fishing tournament

By Gene Galin

Pittsboro, NC – Pittsboro’s own Jacques Dufour will be participating in Big Rock Blue Marlin tournament this week.

I had a chance to sit down with Jacques Dufour on Saturday morning at the front of French Connections in Pittsboro. We had a conversation about his family’s love for fishing and his participation in this year’s Big Rock Blue Marlin fishing tournament in Morehead City.

You can watch or listen to our conversation here.

Jacques will be on the Weldor’s Ark during the tournament. We will be getting daily reports from Jacques about his adventures and we’ll be posting them to the Chatham Journal website and our Facebook page.

Below is an abridged autogenerated transcript of our conversation.

Gene Galin 0:13
Alright, folks, Gene Galin here with Jacques Lafour. We’re in front of French Connection. But we’re not going to talk about that. And we’ve been looking for somebody; I think I found the person who’s going to be at the big rock tournament next week.

Jacques Lafour 0:36
The women’s tournament starts Saturday and then it’s next week, Monday through Saturday.

Gene Galin 0:40
Okay, Monday through Saturday, and you’re heading down this Sunday to officially start fishing. Okay. Now you say you have to fish four days, four days out of six days. All right. So be Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday.

Jacques Lafour 1:08
If the weather’s nice, probably knock it out in four days. Or if there’s a body of water that’s showing up from further south on the Gulf Stream, maybe skip a couple days and then catch the body of water.

Gene Galin 1:21
What’s the 10 day forecast look like next week at Morehead City?

Jacques Lafour 1:32
No big storm coming through. So it might be a little windy, sunny days, all together on those big boats and falls very doable.

Gene Galin 1:40
Okay, when you say big boats again, we got Jordan Lake here. Some people may think when he quit, but we’re not talking 20 foot boat.

Jacques Lafour 1:47
Most of them are gonna be 40 to 70 feet.

Gene Galin 1:52
This a 40 to 70.

Jacques Lafour 1:56
Some of the bigger boats are even at 80. Some beautiful boats, it’s always worth going to look at what size water you’re going to be on a 55 foot Jarrett Bay. That’s already a very respectable beautiful boat. Hoping to get some bites.

Gene Galin 2:19
When did you first start doing this? When did you start getting participating in Big Rock tournaments?

Jacques Lafour 2:30
I haven’t really participated. But my two oldest boys, Jack and Patrick fish full time. And since the age of 16. They’ve been mating on boats.

Gene Galin 2:48
Some of you may know his sons, because some of you have been in this county long enough; to have maybe your kid went to school with these guys.

Jacques Lafour 2:56
They went to elementary middle school and Northwood. Here right here.

Gene Galin 3:01
And I saw some pictures back when they were younger, I think just in high school where they were actually already working on the boats.

Jacques Lafour 3:08
Yes. So we have a fishing business with federal permits for bottom fishing. Since they’ve been able to drive a car, they were there down there most weekends or throughout college, they have been fishing full time getting some income that way. After college, went to full-time. So Jackie fishes mostly commercially does some also on our boat. Patrick been working on charter boats.

So Jackie does a lot of bottom fishing charters for fishing, they really started catching them in North Carolina in 2016. About that first year out of 21 trips in a row that killed 47 fish so that was the start of the bottom fishing report.

Gene Galin 4:26
Now let me ask you this because you just mentioned daytime fishing. Why daytime?

Jacques Lafour 4:32
Okay, so usually in the past you’re fishing for small fish at night. Okay as they come to the surface and you will be able to fish three or four rods closer to the boat. In the daytime, I mean it’s hard going 50 miles out at night during the daytime is more pleasant fishing one or two rods.

Jacques Lafour 5:04
Yes. So it’s off of the continental shelf. That’s going to be 1400 to 1800 feet, maybe sometimes 2000.

Gene Galin 5:11
So you have to have a line that goes down 1400 to 1800 feet.

Jacques Lafour 5:21
Usually in the Gulf Stream so you have a weight.

Gene Galin 5:29
What count what tests count? What’s the proper term when we’re looking at what’s on tap for that kind of alive?

Jacques Lafour 5:49
is usually you want

Unknown Speaker 5:55
to when you say thing, are we talking? Like we’re talking

Jacques Lafour 6:00
65 contest? Okay, on race line, gotcha. Maybe at contests. And then the leaders are going to be our something like that. Leave it to the fish.

Unknown Speaker 6:17
What kind of hooks are you putting on that end?

Jacques Lafour 6:20
They’re not very big hooks. That’s usually a 10 on the hook for single hook raked up to the belly of a Mahi or even little eels. That’s what they use as a bait.

Gene Galin 6:34
Eels. I understand you say the belly of a Mahi. What do you mean?

Jacques Lafour 6:38
Yes. So dolphin fish or Mahi Mahi have a nice strip and do a nice presentation sewn up. We’re going to be recovering 1,400 feet down. They wanted to be swimming properly so that the rig properly. Same times we had two little lights that blinks down there.

Unknown Speaker 7:03
Is there any particular color that worked better than other colors? Like green or blue or some that blink? Blue, white, red?

Jacques Lafour 7:08
So yeah, it just depends on what you want to put that day.

Gene Galin 7:16
I know fishermen. Are there superstitions or “lucky charms,” if I have a blue and white light versus an orange and red light?

Jacques Lafour 7:32
Yeah, we’re not too much into the superstitious stuff. Well, even I know some fishermen are really particular about not having bananas on board.

Gene Galin 7:42
Why, why would bananas on board bother them?

Jacques Lafour 7:49
I don’t get it. But a lot of fishermen will not even get on a boat with bananas.

Gene Galin 7:54
All right. So we’ve talked about the boys who are now 28 or 30 years old. So yeah, it’s been dozen years since they started out now, when they started out, were you going out with them as well?

Jacques Lafour 8:20
When we started, I picked them up 15 minutes earlier, it’s more than right there most of the weekends when the weather was fishable. And so that’s how we did it before they could drive. We had really started was in Senegal, Senegal and since they were two years old they came on when you make when you go short you stay off all day. So they got salt water running through their veins.

Gene Galin 8:53
Let’s talk about that. Because I have gone where you leave. I think it’s early in the morning six o’clock, and you may not get back for about four or 430. Describe? Let’s think let’s concentrate on the big rock tournament. Yes. Describe what and they may not be an average day but let’s let’s assume you have an average day. Describe how that day proceed from from before. I start with from the day from when you wake up or if you want to do preparations the night before.

Jacques Lafour 9:21
Yeah, so usually we’d have all your baits most of your baits rigged up already the day before.

Gene Galin 9:26
How long does that usually take? Around an hour, two hours?

Jacques Lafour 9:31
Same thing you want them to be perfect tournament rigging your leaders everything’s going to be new lined on the reels that the new leaders new hooks,

Gene Galin 9:44
Why are you using all new?

Jacques Lafour 9:48
Just to make sure that nothing’s being shaved. There’s no weak points for reporting serious money.

Gene Galin 9:57
All right, when you say serious money, how much money are we talking about?

Jacques Lafour 10:04
Prize money for the whole team, we have over 2 million bottles. Lots of categories I think the first 580,000 But back to the how the day starts the night before at four o’clock 430 In the morning, get up, have your cup of coffee, go to the boat. get everything set up and then slowly take off lines in are going to be at nine o’clock in the morning fishing for three o’clock. So usually you’d like to come on the zone that you choose, you get some satellite shots off the water temperature and whatever else

Gene Galin 10:51
edition app that you’re using or

Jacques Lafour 10:53
yes, okay, so you can on a computer, kind of see the water temperature and see where the currents are and all that trying to figure out where you want to start and so you usually will head out to that area See there 30 minutes or even maybe an hour in advance and just huddled around and playing figure out where where you’re gonna put your lines in at nine o’clock.

Gene Galin 11:17
So you can drop them in at nine o’clock I shouldn’t can’t drop them in

Jacques Lafour 11:24
the lines already on the boat, though they’re out the treasures are on the deck down you come down on the radio they announced the thing on o’clock nine then you put joins. So

Gene Galin 11:39
Is there a general bandwidth that all you need to monitor?

Jacques Lafour 11:48
Make sure the channel is 72. And you can hear everything that’s going to

Gene Galin 11:55
show if I’m on channel 72 I guess it’s like on an on a NASCAR race. I can hear everybody that said an open channel is

Jacques Lafour 12:04
open Okay. Headquarters, they will hear some buzz go all the way the other side of the Gulfstream 10 miles and short so there’s no reception back back to your headquarters. But there’s often a boat Mike relayed a message. All right, and I say messages each time you pick up the food, you have to announce it. Okay, if you lose the fish, you announce that and when you’re released.

Gene Galin 12:38
Alright, let’s talk about the releasing portion of it, because you just mentioned the bomb the postcode that comes back with a 500 pound mark and I win X amount of dollars. So I in that case, I would bring that fish back and we were correct, that’s correct.

Jacques Lafour 12:55
You estimate that you’re going to keep a fish 400 Plus

estimate that is overwhelming. You don’t know how many pips will be killed. Even if it gets a little over 400 pounds, you might get to the point where most people if they get to make a keeper over 400 pounds, they will the first phase was taken. Okay.

Gene Galin 13:28
But once somebody hits that 500 pounds?

Jacques Lafour 13:31
Or you get the 500 pounds on board, you’re pretty confident that your pressure is over 500 pounds. Then your one hand and when you’re wrong that

Gene Galin 13:48
day. Okay, so you’re done for that day. So you don’t want to sit around with a 500 pound fish in the boat and not come back as soon as coffee

Jacques Lafour 13:56
goes. I mean, it is 510 pounds, you could very easily lose 11 pounds of his weight. Keep on fishing for something

Gene Galin 14:08

Jacques Lafour 14:10
It’s pretty hot this time of the year. I can feel it down.

Gene Galin 14:13
We apologize for being out here. I’d like to put me out here because we’re talking about a subject as well which is fishing. Okay, so you get that 500 pound and let’s say you get it on the first day. How far out they usually go because you mentioned someone going out and 110 miles this average and I can’t I don’t know how fast your boats go because I never I’ve never met the biggest boat I’ve ever owned. How quickly is my boat going and how quickly would make you go out on the side of the Gulf Stream.

Jacques Lafour 14:50
That’s not rare. There’s just a few boats that might die going out.

Gene Galin 14:55
Are they crazy? Or they just think they’re gonna be lucky.

Jacques Lafour 14:58
They’ll be they’ll have the other side, it was all kinky themselves. Okay, that’s that’s the point, if they’ve seen a good body of water that they believe this fish in, they’ll go there. The others won’t be on this side of the Gulf Stream a little further than the continental shelf 500 feet to 1000 feet, let’s say. And that’s going to be, depending on which direction you’re going from my head is going to be 45.

Gene Galin 15:32
For the spot us, we don’t need to know the exact spot that you’re going out what about 60 feet or 60 miles out about

Jacques Lafour 15:41
or, depending where same thing it might be 45 miles, or 60 miles as I said, or just depending if you’re going a little further south or southeast. As I said, as far as satellite shots will tell you’re really where you want to start. And you’ll probably see a lot of boats, everybody’s got that now, you’ll start off and pocket a fish with

Gene Galin 16:11
20 boats. Without giving away any of your secrets. What are you looking at? When you’re looking at that mapping? What can you say you’re looking at temperature, what’s the general range that you’re looking at that you feel that should be the most successful, and you can fudge the numbers

Jacques Lafour 16:29
a little earlier just a couple of weeks ago, water was going to be 7677 degrees. Water it’s going to be in the high 70s maybe wasn’t hit at all that’s getting warm, you’re going to the ideal temperature when they bring that push of migration and they very often following dolphinfish bigger gaps around that that you have the biggest pitfall of the mountain. And that water is 7577 idea a little bit higher than that, but that’s an ideal temperature.

Gene Galin 17:08
So looking at the map and you can generally tell Hey, this area is not even worth bothering this area may have a better potential.

Jacques Lafour 17:17
Trying to find an area that does not have a lot of time likely to revise and then a body of water was at a temperature that’s the ideal area.

Gene Galin 17:33
You mentioned earlier bottom fishing in when you’re going to have to Blue Marlin Are you bottom fishing? Again, I don’t know anything about this subject. Are you picking out those within that depth that you want especially

Jacques Lafour 17:47
on all these pelagics is going to be pulling learners on the surface as far as they’re gonna go, four or five learners will now have great adventures you managed to pull down in the wake of awakening.

Gene Galin 18:13
So you’re trying to you’re trying to you’re trying to pull these Marlins believing pulling fish behind you, that’s it that worked

Jacques Lafour 18:20
out so they they will come out or they do okay come behind the dredge or they will take straight away one of the lures but if they come behind the dreads then we have usually two rods rigged up with a face

Gene Galin 18:37
so your your dress that you’re pulling in Are there any books or any bait on that or is it just to track them and then you’re you’re hooking them

Jacques Lafour 18:43
with your they might be the last base behind is you might put natural baits okay, like Spanish mackerel, things like that. If they come behind that you can switch out a natural bass

Gene Galin 19:08
so there is a technique when you first did this, Were you successful or what? What convinced you that hey, this is a lot a lot of fun and I want to continue to do so in San Diego.

Jacques Lafour 19:21
A lot younger. We were all with my first fishing experiences for both fish was in a little tea rod that was 36 inches wide. feet long, April learning how it was a fish with Hamline tuna was easy to catch them they just fired but Bill fish often just come in and play with a bait for us. So you have to do a drop back. Let him eat it and then hook it. Okay, so that was the learning And we’re efficient with very heavy mining machine was much thinner lines, it’s much easier to cool the fish. But that was the first experiences in the late 80s in Senegal,

Unknown Speaker 20:16
now when your hand lining are you wearing gloves, you’re doing bare hands.

Jacques Lafour 20:19
Yeah, so they we didn’t have gloves with me the way they do over there they have little denim things that they put on their fingers as a wildcard. Alright, so then you just

Unknown Speaker 20:31
chose the four fingers fingers are just around individual fingers. Yes,

Jacques Lafour 20:35
the whole thing was, I mean, they these fish are very fast. So yeah, if you get caught or whatever, it’ll burn you

Unknown Speaker 20:45
pull them by one of those.

Jacques Lafour 20:47
I have not in those first. P rods. When they came to the boat, right, we were sitting probably lower than you are now. Okay, water and jumping well above our head. could be dangerous.

Gene Galin 21:04
I would suspect I guess you’d like you can’t tell him like him. You can’t tell a dog don’t jump because they’re just gonna jump

Jacques Lafour 21:11
but have had the definitely when you take the leader and five 600 pound fish with doesn’t take much if you’ve got to wrap it around your hand.

Gene Galin 21:27
Now it sounds like in that situation, you’re not doing horrible possibly a sport that you’re actually doing is

Jacques Lafour 21:33
that correct? Senegal, they mostly needed for food. Today they must be doing this for the Senegalese if they go fishing, that’s usually equal to

Gene Galin 21:47
all right, getting back to your big rock. We set out at nine o’clock you dropped your line as soon as they say you could do it. What happened for the first nine, nine o’clock to 12 o’clock.

Jacques Lafour 21:59
So you’re probably if you go on their website, and they livestream all the announces, within the first five minutes, we’ll have the prospects tripped up, okay? Just because they started fishing. So then you on your boat, you listen, if you haven’t had any bites within 1520 minutes, you’re questioning as we start trying to figure out where these bytes have been. You’re always free to believe where you’re fishing is good. But then you have to adapt. Sometimes you might pick the lines up an hour, and if you haven’t had a bite and run a few

Gene Galin 22:40
etiquette, if I find out that you caught a patient in this spot, and I’m miles away, am I allowed to come closer to you? And if I’m allowed to come closer to you? How close can I get?

Jacques Lafour 22:54
No new regarding that? There aren’t

Unknown Speaker 22:57
those just doesn’t that sometimes cause controversy? It does

Jacques Lafour 23:00
have what following controversy as sometimes, as I said earlier, you might be 20 votes in a square mile, or something like that. And so these boats are these fish when they bite. It’s nothing for them to pull for 500 yards of liner. Okay, so very often there’s a boat that’s closer. So

Gene Galin 23:20
That’s 400 yards, that’s basically four lengths of the Northwood football field.

Jacques Lafour 23:25
That’s it in a few seconds. Wow. So I mean by that time gives both the other real job so usually, these bigger boats are going to backup on the fifth

Gene Galin 23:36
semi say backup, what do you mean?

Jacques Lafour 23:38
So they kept all the lines on hand. Fisherman’s in his chair, buckle for the heavy rod right? And so then the boat starts chasing the fish. Usually the less pressure you put on them, the more they stay on the surface. So you can gain quickly some line and gaining four or five watts of line is much quicker when you’re running towards the fish. And just kind of bring them in.

Gene Galin 24:08
What’s the longest period of time that you think and what’s the longest period of time once you appear between the time you hook the fish and actually get them off?

Jacques Lafour 24:19
Usually it takes anything from a big fish 20 minutes to two hours.

Unknown Speaker 24:26
Two hours. Yes.

Jacques Lafour 24:28
The last the last talked about one vote hooked up but five minutes after nine in the morning voted to the vote at nine at night. So there was a throne our five I don’t know exactly. If the fish had died and was way down and so then it’s very hard to bring it up. But yes from if you’re fishing lightest tackle it all depends on what type of tackle. You’re always trying to put the maximum pressure on the fish real time Same thing chasing if you get closer to the fish, and same thing in the center console, you’ll be fighting on the front of the boat. Very often more efficient than

Gene Galin 25:12
backing up. So I think you might have sent me a picture someone sent me a picture or a little video clip where you’ve got water coming up onto the boat because of the fish

Jacques Lafour 25:23
is so strong and that’s just once you start going backwards you’re running into the waves. They usually kind of wash over throw down a little bit we’re getting lined

Gene Galin 25:38
and having no screens and just when I saw that I’m like oh my god, this is like the original drawers movie. And you’re gonna go under that was a good movie. Alright, so you’ve moved around to one spot doesn’t work out you move to another spot during a typical day do you actually let me just check again I just want to make sure we’re recording Yes, we are. And I have to move in because it has gone a little dormant because of the sunlight so your your your app for the day how you how many bytes? Or how many there days where you’re going to just totally miss out or Yes,

Jacques Lafour 26:28
of course there will be boats that don’t get a single bike in the whole day. Yeah, I don’t know how many births will be entered this year last year they have almost 200 bikes so when you divide the number of bikes can be 10% of the vote. So it’s a there’s a lot of lots of big thoughts now. If it had been two weeks ago, there was been probably hundreds of fish that would have been released. Just because that’s when that migration was made. Who knows who knows it might be a good flurry of fish coming through and lots of fish caught but you can never tell him that a good day I mean if you have two or three releases of a blue marlin you you’re gonna be on the board and looking good.

Gene Galin 27:15
Alright, so you mentioned the 500 pound how how do you get awarded points and how do you how do you get the prize money What do you have to achieve?

Jacques Lafour 27:26
So there’s like all kinds of categories there I think they added some this year entry people all the categories close to 40 grand we were

Gene Galin 27:37
all for all the categories but there’s a lot of categories I think it’s like $5,000 to answer okay if you want to enter if you want to enter all the categories you’re talking about having to spend 40,000 Yeah, you hang out with some rich people don’t get

Jacques Lafour 27:53
very lucky for them to accept

Gene Galin 27:57
Well that’s because they like your boy I don’t know that much but your boys they probably like a lot yeah all right so let’s you’re doing so are there are there prizes per day or is there a prior for the

Jacques Lafour 28:09
first release of Bill fish in the day fish that day is my he’s adults and fish there’s a wahoo category so yes, there’s this different category offers

Gene Galin 28:35
what happens to that 500 pound fish that brought the dogs in that I guess the boat gets to keep it and decide what they want to do with it what what what usually happens with the

Jacques Lafour 28:47
trophy landed the way the coach has to give pictures of it and the video of it to see that everything was done correctly. Either same thing with with the releases. So then then if it’s if it’s not been disqualified and we’re good to go all the fish will be going to the tournament which then usually there will be some scientists who take some samples just to see the the age of the fish by eventually what he’s been eating and different things like that. And then usually is donated to some some

Gene Galin 29:30
yeah because I think the big rock tournament actually a percentage of their revenue they give towards charity.

Jacques Lafour 29:35
Absolutely. Okay.

Gene Galin 29:39
Talking back to Mahi I enjoyed the evening mark is one of my favorites. And I used to catch them back when they used to be called dolphins. But they changed the name because people got upset eating Flipper if you catch a lot it’s not a prize winning mighty WOULD YOU ARE YOU I’m able to hold on to it and bring it home and pick it up

Jacques Lafour 30:02
absolutely no one but even a small one that might be the biggest one that day. So so that’s a there’s usually a price for the first three fish

Gene Galin 30:16
weighing so if we come back with the Mahi is there someone at the dock who I guess you could clean yourself up someone with clean for the

Jacques Lafour 30:28
for the tournament is to first come in, they’re gonna wave but then the bird flies and falls off

Gene Galin 30:40
and I’m heading back in how long may that wind up being if all the boats

Jacques Lafour 30:50
come at the same time, you may have four or five boats just waiting the time of the states which say 1015 minutes

Gene Galin 31:00
going back to catching your marlin and your your you got the person buckled in 20 minutes, I guess the same person sitting there? What happens if it’s a two hour call? Is it the switch out or that person is sitting in

Jacques Lafour 31:19
IGFA rules are usually the big rock there’s not such a rule so you can help them make the

Gene Galin 31:30
right and actually one of the reasons I loved my wife was the fact that she could have played around with us when we went fishing for sunfish. So yeah, that’s that. I liked that. But I know you’re your wife is fourth woman. So that that we’re both lucky. We married beyond our pay grade. All right, let’s you go. Let’s say you go out there and Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, you fish but you got two days. And the weather’s been really good. What do you do for the price do you do during their Friday and Saturday

Jacques Lafour 32:07
the dark and pink some

Unknown Speaker 32:11
restaurants? Absolutely there’s

Jacques Lafour 32:13
lots to do. But there’s ya know very often if you put a big fish and then there’s still people fishing you kind of stressed out wondering if another fish is going to come in like I don’t know two or three years ago in the last day of the town took the leap. Oh, okay. Same thing and in the different tournaments up the coast in Maryland

Gene Galin 32:57
so it sounds like even if you finish early, and you gotta make big catches, no guarantees not. Let me ask you this. I’m looking at the gas price over to Citgo. It’s $4.69 It looks like diesel is $5.79. How have gas prices affected?

Jacques Lafour 33:18
Definitely has the boys commercial fish so that dollar extra 80 gallon, gallon but they still take the big boats. Take diesel diesel is $6.20 a gallon. It’s more if you have it delivered to your door. So yeah, it’s definitely on these big boats that burn. Three to 400 gallons might be 600 gallons and to go the other side of the street. You might have to don’t need to count tonight.

Gene Galin 33:56
All right, let’s think about Martha Florida. So before we started recording this, you mentioned that my number I think they’re calling the number 23 You don’t know what it is Google it. So how big is his boat? And you said how much wasn’t worth

Jacques Lafour 34:13
it 70 Viking and

Gene Galin 34:19
$20 million so what kind of what kind of, let me ask you this. Is there a rule about the crew or how many people you can have on a boat or what happens

Jacques Lafour 34:29
often on these boats? You have to be like a charter that that charges the boat for the big rock.

Gene Galin 34:37
Right. So actually could be one of those charter boats that is usually doctoring that set. Okay,

Jacques Lafour 34:42
and so you it’s a six pack, and so you have usually six fishermen. Okay, you’ll have the captain, you’ll have a first Maven for the big rock city a second mate. Just because you were a big fish you’re gonna have someone on the leader and one person with Get

Gene Galin 35:03
when you go out UVU and you mentioned you need a leader gap when you get that fish caught. At what point is that fish most likely to get off

Jacques Lafour 35:17
anytime hesitating at this point you might, you might have him on the leader, you might give a head shake that hook. Oh, so yeah, it’s just all depends sometimes where it’s hooked how to hook. But yeah, yeah,

Gene Galin 35:46
I think even us guys who fish the little fish, we had that frustration, get them just close enough and off and boom, they’re gone.

Jacques Lafour 35:53
And that sweet fish that happens they very often will have a beautiful fish very close to the boat. And that’s why we’re swordfish, we usually have a harpoon. And we’ll hop in the fish as soon as in range, but you don’t have to anymore. Or any of the billfishing

Gene Galin 36:16
Is there anything else we need to know? Because I’ll tell you what we’re doing. Drax is gonna run out with his crew and you’re gonna have what five other people on that boat or Yeah. And since he’s a Chatham County person, we’re gonna do a storyline on the Chatham Journal website. So we’re gonna have day one, day two, day three, day four, it says a skip day there, we’ll just have it. He’s agreed to get a picture, maybe a few video clips, and we’ll post it and share it with you. If there’s other folks in Chatham County are doing it, please let me know. I think this is an interesting story. I’m glad I was able to find someone who’s actually going to do this for half a million years. Have you competed with

Jacques Lafour 36:54
boys since age? 14.

Gene Galin 36:58
But you haven’t gotten out of there? No, not yet. Okay. So how do you decide when you’re going and how you

Jacques Lafour 37:06
Always wanted them to enter our boats because the entry fee is like going to Vegas.

Gene Galin 37:14
It is a lot of money. You can go to their website, and you can see how much money but then again, actually, let me ask you this. I went out to deep sea fishing last year and I ran into one of the biggest Captain spacy out of the Atlantic. And there were a bunch of people there from Virginia and Georgia. And a little bit higher up. There was nobody from Florida from the Washington DC area, and they said one of the reasons they liked to come to North Carolina and the person from Georgia was actually from the coast is that North Carolina has some great offshore fishing

Jacques Lafour 37:52
through yes and Kevin Spacey. They would have been mostly fun in fishing, right? Yes, it’s really really wonderful. For bottom fishing, the one reason has made it very windy coast. Okay, so there’s not there hasn’t been the same pressure as it is in Florida or other places. But yet get a full fishery with black sea bass, grupo de tilefish and golden house are the catch a lot of Romaine snappers, and triggerfish is a very big variety and the boys fish 52 weeks a year, they December end of November in December they concentrate on bluefin tuna. That’s a wonderful fishery. Oh, yeah. There’s a big variety.

Unknown Speaker 38:51
What do they do when they go on vacation? Go fishing?

Jacques Lafour 38:55
Unfortunately, sometimes they do.

Gene Galin 38:58
Or maybe they go to the mountains. So what I do want to finish up is where at the French connection you have been in business here like people know your business, I think from all over the United States, because they’re like, yeah, they’re the guys with all the stuff in their yard. How long is that rooster busy.

Jacques Lafour 39:15
last shipment was a month ago, but where we’ve been used since October 2022

Gene Galin 39:26
years, and you started importing this all the stuff you go to Africa, you still do on trips and find this art and all stretches.

Jacques Lafour 39:35
We started with vincenti I mean the 13th And unfortunately, none of those stores were left and we had to adapt to something else. So yeah, we go go inside you’ll see there’s still some fantastic fabric and all kinds of inputs from that point after Countries are different. And mosques and statues.

Gene Galin 40:04
Okay, I realized you got to change to be the Bible to be Bible and stay on. I decided to go into Africa and look for

Jacques Lafour 40:14
where we had just moved from Senegal. Originally French windy, my wife was from Salisbury, but was more inspired on Capitol Hill. That’s how we looked at this area. And so yeah, keeping a link with France and Africa was important for us on that. We drew French antiques and African art. So that’s, that’s it?

Gene Galin 40:37
I think we’re gonna wrap up, but I’m gonna ask you one question. And you don’t have to answer. This is the last question of you. And Wendy.

Jacques Lafour 40:43
She was she had graduated from Chapel Hill marine biology, I was studying your parents to do an internship abroad, or in fact, to South Africa where I grew up, and our paths crossed, and that was in 1985.

Gene Galin 41:03
It sounds like faith, and I’m sure your kids appreciated that. But your daughter going these days?

Jacques Lafour 41:09
Claire is in Wilmington, working at Live Oak Bank. Okay. And then Mark works with us.

Gene Galin 41:19
And actually, he makes some loans. Is he the one who makes the hand past the table?

Jacques Lafour 41:22
Yes. Yes. That is That was during the pandemic.

Gene Galin 41:27
Folks, you need to stop by here. Listen to the fish story is the real fish story. So look around I think I think we’ve actually bought some artwork from you some wooden products that I think you gave away as gifts that are, we appreciate it. And then we also know we had picked up some stuff from you, for our kids rooms when they were small. So that’s the neat thing about this too is your inventory. How often do you change your inventory?

Jacques Lafour 41:52
Yeah, we re import container from Africa. We took three months. We do mostly wholesale but those those products. So that varies a little bit each time it’s a different country. And otherwise, yeah, the middle I was the sea outside that we’re bringing from all the months away region in Mexico. So that’s much easier to bring over here. French fabrics and African fabrics. I’m getting new ones.

Gene Galin 42:22
Do you know what’s the furthest somebody has actually come to your location here. Pick something up and how far out in the United States they moved it out.

Jacques Lafour 42:30
We shipped to every state. I’ll do your website for the fabric. We’ve had people from New Zealand. We’ve had people from Australia. So that’s about as far as you can get from here. Yes, it is on the internet, it can be a little bit Sperone people will find you where

Gene Galin 42:52
you know what pitfalls not a bad time to be. I mean, we we both had our kids grew up here and I think they’ve all turned out pretty well.

Jacques Lafour 42:59
has been good to us. was really awkward in the mountains

Gene Galin 43:06
on the beach. Right, folks? We’re going to wrap it up here Jack, thank you very much. Again, French Connection French das and There’s a number 545-9296. Give them a buzz stop on by and next week we’re gonna start a daily diary. We will have at least four days on a rain day and he’s just gonna say rain day. Maybe take a picture of the clouds. I don’t know what first time we’re trying to something unique. But thank you so much for taking the time to come and check fishing. That fish. But look if he gets busy. Let him make a living. Thank you very much. All right, thanks.