First hotel in Chatham County?

By John R. Dykers, Jr. M.D.

Siler City, NC – I keep expecting someone else to mention it, but maybe it has to be someone as old as I. The Siler City Hotel was the home of my first Medicare patient. A widow of a physician, she lived in genteel poverty there. I don’t remember the year it was demolished, likely early 70s.

Hadley Hotel (Siler City Merchants Association image)

The structure of the Hadley Hotel is still being used as shops and small businesses in the old downtown of Siler City. It must have been quite elegant when first built, well before my time, which dates from 1964.

The Hadley Hotel opened in 1908 at 130 N. Chatham Ave.  It had what was termed water works, piped water for the basin in the rooms, water closets and bath tubs.  This was the first installation of this convenience in the town.