Enough with the boosters

By Kevin Roche

Here is the truth about the mRNA vaccines. They looked great after the clinical trials and when they were initially released.  In the first few weeks and months they had high effectiveness against infection. Then around six months after last dose, effectiveness has began to drop significantly, eventually reaching zero. Some of this may have been inadequate testing to determine both the optimal dose and the best dosing schedule.  It appears for certain that we did not have the initial doses scheduled far enough apart. There is no reason to criticize the testing process given the situation with the epidemic. Speed was foremost. We have had previous epidemics where there was a massive effort to get a vaccine in place as quickly as possible. The dumber decision, in my view, was to make vaccines solely prompting a response to spike protein, which is the most mutation-prone part of the virus. Adding substantial segments of other viral proteins would be more like natural adaptive immunity.

photo by Parang Mehta

Effectiveness against hospitalization and death has held up better, but also shows signs of lessening over a longer period of time. So of course the solution from our public health experts was “just take more shots”. So people got boosters. The boosters show the exact pattern that the original doses did–initial effectiveness against infection which then recedes pretty quickly. Hmmm, the experts thought, if one booster didn’t do the trick, how about another one. So now we have people getting fourth doses. This one shows signs of having very little effectiveness. And immunologists know why, so more of them should be speaking out. The immune system can get exhausted and stop responding if it gets poked too much with the same stimulus. In fact, you can leave a person worse off. I think that is where we are with boosters.  I got the original one, but I will not be getting any more.

This study provides additional evidence for how worthless the fourth shot is. The research is published in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine, which like all woke and herd-mentality medical publications has generally been a strong proponent of vaccinating everyone no matter what. But I suspect even this is too much evidence for them to ignore. Coming from Israel, the study finds that a fourth dose, after a short period of apparent protection against infection compared to three doses, lost effectiveness completely within two months, which is far faster than was experienced with either the two-dose regimen or the first booster. The followup period was limited, so protection against severe infection seemed to remain strong during that time, but I suspect even a six-month follow-up would show limited value of a fourth dose against serious disease. (NEJM Study)

Just as public seems pretty done with masks, it should also pass on never-ending vaccine doses.