Local parents launch a Moms for Liberty chapter in Chatham County

Pittsboro, NC – A nonpartisan group of local parents would like to announce the launch of a new chapter of Moms for Liberty, a nonprofit organization focused on preserving crucial, founding principles of our nation: limited government, personal responsibility, and individual liberty. The Moms for Liberty – Chatham County, NC chapter aims to shine light on the wheels of government that turn within our community, promote civic involvement, and empower parents to hold local leaders accountable.

Since their inception in January of 2021, Moms for Liberty has helped 173 local chapters in 33 states organize and tackle issues at the ground level which are most important to parents and unique to each locality.

As parents have come to the realization that their own values and prerogatives have been placed at odds with the aims of the leaders in local government, they have begun to speak out individually, as well as find camaraderie with each other. Moms for Liberty helps these concerned parents organize and amplify their voices to achieve the most important of goals: engaging elected officials on key issues that impact the everyday lives of families and achieving results.

“As parents, with a variety of political ideologies, we must work together to achieve our common goal for our children – restoring the importance of critical thinking in our schools and ensuring the freedom to share and discuss ideas.” (Amy Kappelman, Chair of Chatham County Chapter of Moms for Liberty).

Though founded by moms, the organization welcomes dads, grandparents, educators, and community members to become part of the movement. Our local chapter invites anyone who wishes to better grasp the foundational principles of our nation and understand the specific and present issues most relevant to Chatham County, NC. In alignment with and dedication to liberty as a principle, a diversity of perspectives, backgrounds, life experiences, and opinions are encouraged within Moms for Liberty’s body of members. Nationally, Moms for Liberty maintains a commitment to open discourse, and the Chatham County chapter will likewise maintain a positive, proactive approach.

The Chatham County Chapter of Moms for Liberty will host their first meeting on Monday, February 28, 2022 at 6 pm at Virlie’s Grill in Downtown Pittsboro, NC. Attendees will be responsible for the cost of their own meal. Operational costs of Moms for Liberty – Chatham County, NC will be funded by modest membership dues and small-time local fundraising. 

Anyone interested in learning more about Moms for Liberty – Chatham County, NC is encouraged to email .For more information or to find a comprehensive list of Moms for Liberty chapters, visit MomsforLiberty.org