I drove to 15-501 Walmart to compare prices with my Pittsboro Food Lion

By Jay Niver

Pittsboro, NC – I have always detested Walmart’s business plan and what it has done to U.S. towns and cities. That said, like so many people who dislike what “big box” stores inflict upon locally owned, Mom-and-Pop businesses, my principles cave in when I want to save some serious money. I always knew Walmart had lower prices than Food Lion or other supermarkets, but I wanted to verify just what was the difference.

photo by Franki Chamaki

So, last week I drove to the 15-501 Walmart to compare prices, although I was wary of any savings because my SUV guzzles $3.49 gas like a parched beer drinker. I spent $38.58 (before tax) on varied grocery items, then priced the same ones at our own Food Lion. I expected to save 10, 12, maybe 15 percent. Boy, was I wrong.

The same modest grocery cart would have cost me over $11 more to shop locally: The Walmart savings was a whopping 29 percent. I really hated to learn this. I will always try to support local trade, but when the difference is so pronounced, it is hard to ignore.