Be a Dr. Hamm and not a Dr. Fauci

Pittsboro, NC – At the December 2021 Chatham County school board meeting, Northwood high school student Brant Anderson make the following comments during the public input period.

Good evening school board members. I’m back for another rant! Today I’m going to challenge each and every one of you to do these three things. 

  1. Remember back to the last meeting and really consider what Dr. Hamm had said in challenging the narrative. Don’t dismiss it as “conspiracy theories” because they aren’t. They were legitimate concerns.
  2. Think about how traditional science has been thrown in the trash during all this. Natural immunity has been largely ignored, even though it is proven that natural immunity is more preventative of contracting covid than the vax. 
  3. Start asking critical questions to Mr. Zelek. The CDC and our health department keeps moving the goalposts for when we can unmask. Why do we keep allowing them to do this? The current positivity rate in Chatham County is .24%! We’ve already seen how the effects for school age children are much less significant! We will be doing this for the next decade if y’all don’t stand up!

It’s important for the narrative to be changed. Courage is the most vital thing for elected officials like you all. At the last meeting, Dr. Hamm showed courage and common sense by refusing to follow along and by asking critical questions. He became a hero to me and other students/parents by standing up for what is right.

Many of my teachers challenge me to think critically when learning in class, meanwhile, the adults that run my schools refuse to be critical of the narrative. We have got to stop following and start leading. Union County, North Carolina was able to do this, and they have led many other counties to free the faces of their children. We need Chatham County to lead the way here in central North Carolina. Be the ones who can tell their kids and grandkids that you were instrumental in standing up to an abusive big government.

What we’re seeing right now is among some of the scariest stuff in world history. Australians are being put into concentration camps by their own government, people are losing their jobs over vaccine mandates, German schoolchildren are being rewarded and punished by their peers over vaccination status, and our own media is telling “we the people” that it is “Dangerous for Democracy” to criticize our president. Yeah, I have the screenshot if you don’t believe me. My point is that we need to stop being the sheep here in Chatham County and start being the lions. Courage is what we need.

Be a Dr. Hamm, don’t be a Dr. Fauci. 

I’m going to leave you with a quote by Ben Franklin that applies to this situation:

“They that can give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither safety nor liberty.”