Let’s pretend

By Nabooko

Pittsboro, NC – Let’s pretend it is the good old days like a few years ago. I could go shopping and do ten other things and not miss a beat. The post office, the bank, the thrift shops, etc, and a few side trips. Come home and do a slew of other chores.

photo by Dan Barrett

I tried to pretend today. My first shopping trip since I turned 86 on Friday. I went to Siler City. Did the thrift shop, Food Lion for a few items. Got to antiques mall around ten o’clock; did some work on my booth. And then to the Dollar Tree; shocked to find some items are now $1.25 each. Remember, it is not the “dollar store”- it is The Dollar Tree!

On to Walmart. Bought way too many things, but felt i was doing myself a favor and avoiding another trip. Couldn’t have been wronger. It took me so long to unload and drag that stuff into the house. That was only half the problem. Stuffing it in the fridge was a headache. Still haven’t gotten those three packages of blueberries in yet. I feel a huge cobbler approaching my oven.

How many party size chips and snacks does one need? Three quarts of buttermilk? How many little cups of gooey chocolate pudding do seniors need?

My feet and ankles hurt like never before. I left the six pack of ale outside. Natural cold adds to the grand illusion of roughing it.