CNN discovers fake hospitalization numbers, now do deaths

By Kevin Roche

CNN discovers that CDC and everyone else has basically been lying about the number of hospitalizations actually caused by CV-19.  (CNN Tweet)

Where to start. First, the CDC and public health experts have lost any credibility. They can’t even get the left-wing, apologist media to pimp their message any more. And this actually is a good thing, because they don’t deserve to have any credibility. And my hope is that it creates a generation or generations of skeptics about what experts, especially government experts, tell us.

But with government you always have to ask why is the messaging being changed and why now? And the answer is pretty obviously that the federal administration and a lot of Democrat run states are facing an increasingly restless population that is fed up restrictions and misleading information. So there is a desperate attempt to figure out how to get out of this epidemic and the hysteria surrounding it, a hysteria created by these same politicians and public health experts.

I would love to get an accurate accounting of hospitalizations that are actually for CV-19 treatment and the number of cases in which people actually get CV-19 in the hospital. The Minnesota DOH is apparently determined to be the very last place to give us such data. Other states have begun to release it. And let’s do the same thing with the exaggerated death counts. Let’s show the public how many people actually died specfically from CV-19 infection.