Pro sports’ COVID-19 problems are emblematic of the nation’s

By Kevin Roche

The problems that all the professional sports leagues are having are directly representative of the dilemma we have created in regard to CV-19 and how if we don’t change the testing and quarantine paradigm, we will never get out of this.

Photo by Mufid Majnun

Despite extremely high vaccination rates across all these sports, teams are having high numbers of players and staff test positive and be quarantined and are then testing other players and staff and quarantining them and so on. Almost all these “cases” are asymptomatic.

I simply don’t have a big enough audience, because I explain repeatedly, and this is just common sense, that if you keep using PCR tests the way we have been, we are going to keep finding non-case “cases”. And that is what is happening in professional sports. The only solution is to stop any testing of asymptomatic persons. Period. And to take positive tests of symptomatic persons and retest them immediately, regularly culture a random sample of positives, and define an infectiousness threshold that only isolates persons who are actually likely to be infectious. And quarantining asymptomatic persons is similarly dumb policy, especially if the person is vaccinated.

We have to stop this, and maybe because professional sports is big business, they can draw some attention to how stupid these policies are, as we watch fifth string quarterbacks play in meaningful games.