I’m not dead . . .

By Nabooko

Pittsboro, NC – Perhaps it is because there is so little color in my aged cheeks. Or appear to be hobbling along when actually I have perfected the newest “transmethoid” Senior dance? Having said that, it means I’m alert and moving, but not actually going anywhere, especially to those so called greener pastures just described by a Chatlist reader.

Where else in the world would I go with all my far-flung gibberish? Like I mean Gene only probably publishes it because he feels sorry for struggling young writers. I think in the over a thousand I’ve written and sent in  since 2007, possibly 97% have been published. The unused submissions probably were written while I was transmeditatoraly impaired. Up was down and round was square and I was here but continuity was so far flung it challenged even me.

I love the Chatham Chatlist! There’s nothing else like it. It is such a gift to the community. Sure there are things you may not like about it; but could you and would you do better? Gene doesn’t have to do it. Realize that. But he must enjoy doing it, because he’s been doing it forever. Days that the Chatlist doesn’t appear in my email, I feel a little less happy and a little less informed. Like something critical is missing.

Keep going Gene!