Please take the survey on Chatham’s actual internet connectivity

By Diana Hales

Pittsboro, NC – This survey is for our state to get actual information about internet availability and speed from residents.  Please take survey to indicate “real” situation in Chatham County.  Thanks.

North Carolina’s Department of Information Technology’s (NCDIT) Broadband Infrastructure Office launched the North Carolina Broadband Survey this summer to gather clearer data on locations with inadequate internet access and speeds. Many North Carolinians still lack high-speed internet, and the currently available data does not fully reflect the reality of the coverage across the state. We want to hear from our residents about the availability and quality of internet service in their homes and communities. Information gathered using the survey will be used to provide context to the state’s broadband picture, guide funding opportunities and inform research and policy recommendations.

The survey, available here , along with additional information, takes about 5 minutes to complete and is available in both English and Spanish . Users with internet access at their location can take the five-minute survey online. Participants are encouraged to also take the optional internet speed test to connect survey data with broadband speed information. Users without internet service can take the survey by phone at 919-750-0553.

Diana Hales is a Chatham County commissioner