Dr. Anthony Jackson is on a mission for Chatham County students & school staff

Pittsboro, NC – With one hand on the Scriptures and his wife by his side, Dr. Anthony D. Jackson accepted the oath of office for the superintendency of Chatham County Schools before the Chatham County Board of Education met Monday evening at George Moses Horton Middle School.

The oath administered by District Court Judge C. Todd Roper was ceremonial. Jackson’s been about the business of this school system ever since Roper officially swore him in during a private July 6 ceremony at the district’s headquarters. 

“I have been spending the time meeting staff and getting out to visit summer school sites,” Jackson told school board members. “In two and a half days, I visited 20 schools, and I’ve met every principal and am excited about the work that we are starting.”

Jackson said the coming days will include the release of his detailed entry plan that will make clear his vision for the district’s students, staff and stakeholders. The sort of community events he has in mind will help him “begin to get to know the community more intimately,” Jackson said. 

The first day of school is Aug. 23 except for students attending the Chatham School of Science & Engineering, the district’s early college, which starts Aug. 5.