Chatham County residents’ credit card debt among lowest in North Carolina

Pittsboro, NC – Credit utilization rate is a factor that weighs heavily in how credit reporting agencies score your credit. As part of a recent study, SmartAsset found the places in North Carolina where residents had the lowest per capita credit card debt.

According to the study, Chatham County residents’ debt ranked among the lowest in North Carolina.

The study measured the ratio of credit card debt to per capita income for each county and the ratio of credit card debt to net wealth per capita in each county. For a look at the top performing places in the study, check out the table below:

RankCountyIncomeWealthCredit Card DebtCredit Card Debt as % of IncomeCredit Card Debt as % of WealthLowest Credit Card Debt Index
1Anson, NC$20,124$13,732$1,4527.2 %10.6 %88.69
2Yancey, NC$23,264$23,484$2,2239.6 %9.5 %86.26
3Chatham, NC$39,299$38,451$3,8679.8 %10.1 %85.00
4Caswell, NC$22,982$22,289$2,2779.9 %10.2 %84.68
5Transylvania, NC$27,050$38,377$3,13411.6 %8.2 %84.60
6Henderson, NC$29,860$36,526$3,34411.2 %9.2 %83.93
7Macon, NC$28,429$31,470$3,07210.8 %9.8 %83.78
8Mitchell, NC$23,907$24,239$2,62211.0 %10.8 %82.10
9Davie, NC$29,613$40,471$3,72612.6 %9.2 %81.56
10Haywood, NC$29,453$26,231$3,12110.6 %11.9 %81.28

SmartAsset’s full methodology and interactive map can be found here.