Current Chatham County leaders hate anyone who doesn’t agree with them

By Mark Stinson

Siler City, NC –  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know our current county leaders hate white men. Actually they hate anyone who doesn’t agree with them and toe the line behind them. One even stated she can’t wait until all the old white men die. Anyone outside the far left socialist domain are not likely to get anything from our county commissioners now.

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Photo by Julias Torten und Törtchen

I really hate it’s that way because many of us will be taxed out of the county. Many of us will just have to leave and let the blue mafia screw Chatham into the ground. It’s on its way to be a blue bedroom community paradise for the far left. They hate us so much they took our county commissioner from us in district 5 and put in a “yes” man who will do anything they tell him to do.

They preach inclusiveness all while excluding everyone that does not see eye to eye with them. Our roads are failing while north Chatham rarely sees a pot hole in these fine developments. Our schools get leftovers while the ones centered around these prized developments get everything. Its all about what they can take from the rest of us, not what they can give back and I thought that what public servants are supposed to do.

I use the word “hate” literally as I have felt hate and resentment from the progressive left from the beginning.  I don’t hate them; I feel sorry for them. If they would embrace all our differences and respect all of us equally like they claim to do they could unite this county. Instead they have split it down the middle leaving many bitter and resentful.

I’m not going to fight them anymore. You can’t win a rigged fight, so why try.  I admire your tenacity but its not likely you will get anywhere other than drunk in the process.  You will realize at some point that the people who have lived here for generations and built this county are worthless in the eyes of the left. It’s only those who embrace the progressive blue who matter to them.  

It’s just my opinion. And like many others, it doesn’t matter to them.