Video: Scenes from Northwood vs Weddington 3A Basketball Championship game day

By Gene Galin

Pittsboro, NC – The Northwood Chargers boys basketball team advanced all the way through the 2021 NCHSAA 3A basketball playoffs to make it to the championship game against Weddington on Saturday, March 6. I covered the event and was able to get videos of the pre-game arrival and warmups. Coach Matt Brown allowed me to come in and shoot the locker room half-time session. I also got glimpses inside the team huddles during the time-outs in the fourth quarter of the game. We finished off with the post-game press conference with the coach and three of the players.

The Northwood Chargers basketball team gathered up at the school gym on Saturday morning. At around 8:45 they headed out to Providence Grove high school in Climax, NC for the 10:30 championship game. Upon arrival at the school they had their temperatures checked and were admitted. Players went through arm-ups before the game.

Players from Weddington and Northwood were introduced before the start of the championship game.

At the end of the first quarter, Northwood was down 14-11 to Weddington.

At the half, Northwood was down 26-23.

At halftime I got to go into the Northwood locker room and get a glimpse of the planned strategy for the second half of the game.

Northwood wasn’t able to come back enough to win and lost to Weddington, 56-47.