Chatham is among most generous counties in North Carolina

Chatham County is among the counties in North Carolina that make the most charitable contributions. Chatham County ranked #1 in North Carolina and #106 in U.S.

A recent study from SmartAsset takes into account charitable contributions as a percentage of net income and the proportion of taxpayers that made a charitable contribution of any amount in any given county.

SmartAsset dug into IRS data to determine the places where residents were giving the most money to charitable causes and organizations. The study measured how much people donate as a percentage of their net income and the proportion of people in a given county who make charitable donations.

RankCountyContributions as Percentage of IncomePercentage of Returns Itemizing Charitable ContributionsMost Generous Places Index
1Chatham County, NC1.99%15.30%53.21
2Orange County, NC1.94%14.32%50.28
3Mecklenburg County, NC2.27%13.19%49.57
4Union County, NC1.84%14.08%49.02
5Wake County, NC1.94%13.69%48.64
6Durham County, NC1.80%11.67%42.47
7Chowan County, NC3.30%7.05%40.59
8New Hanover County, NC1.58%11.28%39.95
9Polk County, NC1.87%9.94%38.49
10Moore County, NC1.56%10.54%37.90