No longer confused in Pittsboro about Moderna vaccine schedule

By Joan Triplet

Pittsboro, NC – Thanks to everyone who responded directly to me in regards to my inquiry about the appointment reminder I received for my second Moderna dose through the Chatham County Public Health Department.

doctor putting pressure on arm after covid vaccination
photo created by freepik

Obviously the notice I received was sent in error due to the date being only one week from my first dose. I was concerned that I might lose my actual appointment. I’m pleased to tell you that I received a call on Tuesday from a very nice lady there at CCPH apologizing for the notice I received. It was a system error. She clarified that the Vaccine Record Card issued at the point of the first dose has your appointment on the back of the card which follows through criteria of where and when you receive the second dose. Of course bring the card with you.

She also gave me a bit of information I did not know regarding a number to call with question when you need a live person and she asked me to pass this along. The number is 919-545-6582. A person will speak to you on M-Thurs 10 am – 4 pm.

Anna was very helpful and I did thank her on behalf of the efficient manner at the Chatham County Agriculture Conference Center.

So all is well and thanks again for your responses. I know all of us will be happy to see the end of the pandemic and appreciate how the county and others have built systems to handle a totally unknown procedure pathway. My thanks goes out to all those working both behind the scenes and on the front line.