My second COVID shot 24 hours later

By N.A. Booko

Pittsboro, NC – It has been 24 hours since I got the second COVID shot at the Chatham County Agricultural center. I had built up a dread of doing it. I had heard so many unpleasant things about the side effects. It didn’t happen for me. I’m thankful.

doctor putting pressure on arm after covid vaccination
photo created by freepik

Let me tell you; those folks were organized. I was only on the site for about thirty minutes. My appointment was for 2:30 pm. I arrived about twenty after two. My driver’s side window won’t go down so it always makes it appear that I am a special case. I drove up, few in line, and proceeded from one tent station to the next. It was misting and coolish. A couple of simple questions and then it was over. Didn’t feel the needle at all.

Next was waiting approximately 15 minutes in a line of cars to exit; after deciding you weren’t having any bad reactions to the shot. A sparrow held up the line momentary when it apparently found some crumbs between cars. It was shooed away, but was back within half a minute. It finally took a local law enforcement officer to convince that little bird that it wasn’t the time or place for feasting.

Over the past two days, I have heard from at least fifty people regarding the side effects of the second shot. Believe you me, they vary all over the place. From nothing, to only a sore arm, to confined to bed for four days. Flu like symptoms. Seemingly completely healthy people can have a tough time with it. One person pointed out that their long drive; half way to the coast, probably accounted for some of the ill effects.

Right now all I feel is a slight stinging where the needle went in. No redness, but a little swollen. Eating and sleeping normally. But still wearing a mask and taking precautions.- Taking no chances. Still a lot we don’t know and if you watch the news, even the upper professionals don’t know it all.

Stay safe. Wear your mask and social distance. Won’t hurt as much as the virus.