Asking around about the availability of coronavirus shots

By N.A. Booko

Pittsboro, NC – We have all heard the great plans about the coronavirus shots. How seemingly fast and organized it is or was going to be. The different phases. Essential workers, older folks, etc. It certainly got my attention and made me feel a little better.

Photo by Thirdman

But if you have noticed, lately, they seem to have clammed up on details. Today I was in Siler City and stopped at Walgreen and CVS. Both reported to be the ones assigned to giving COVID shots. I figured they would have a sign or something giving a little information; but no. I had to wait and ask.

Walgreen person behind counter in prescription department seemed surprised at the question. “When would virus shots be available.” From this person, only a vague “maybe by May.” Nothing more about how to be sure, etc.

On to CVS. Busy, oh so busy in the prescription department! Except I was the only person there waiting.

Finally the “can I help you?”

“I wanted to find out when you will be giving the virus shots?”

“Which virus?”

“The bad one!”

“Oh, we don’t know. Have no idea.”

No stay tuned, no ask again, no indication that they will ever be giving the shots.

The overall attitude leaves lots to be desired. I can assure both these businesses that the only future business they will get from me is the “shot;” if that is the only place I can get it. Nothing else.

And just to complete the picture of ‘goings on’ behind that counter, one person, filling prescriptions was wearing a clear shield face covering. But get this. It was on upside down; the drawstring/stretch band around her neck. The shield pointed up and out like a shovel at just the right angle to catch any lingering deadly germs. virus droplets and funnel it down into her face.

Don’t ask if you don’t want to know