Chatham small business introductions: G-L

Compiled by Gene Galin

Pittsboro, NC – Every December, the Chatham Chatlist has members submit their Chathamcentric small business introductions to the listserv. The submitals are posted throughout the week per alphabetic groups. This year we decided to compile them and post them to the Chatham Journal newspaper website.

If your business is based outside of Chatham County, isn’t it time you decided to move your business to Chatham County, NC?

Happy Chick Farm

Happy Chick Farm is located in North Chatham. We specialize in hatching English Lavender, Blue and Black Orpingtons and Cream Legbar chicks. We sell straight run chicks, but we also sell eight week old pullets for those of you who cannot have roosters or want to start with birds closer to laying age. Check out our farm and animals here.

Contact us now to get on our order list for hatching this winter and spring, beginning in February. (Amy 336-263-3466, ).

We offer an Airbnb Experience offering: a for anyone interested in a personalized tour of our farm and instruction on backyard chickens. The tour is completely outdoors, masks are required and the group is capped at six people, for safety at this time.

We offer gift cards for the Flock and Coop Experience or as a deposit for chickens, just in time for Christmas.

Audrey and Amy

Holly House Preschool LLC

I am excited to share that my new, half-day preschool is opening in Pittsboro on January 5, 2021. Holly House Preschool LLC will serve children ages 3.5-5 five mornings a week.  We seek to help the whole child develop. Social, emotional and academic skills will be strengthened via our play based curriculum.  We will garden, cook, play and learn together. on our two acre property. Holly House Preschool  will also offer week long themed summer camps for ages 4-7.

Please take a look at our website for complete information at

We look forward to hearing from you. Holly House Preschool-A Cozy Pace to Grow.
Holly Norton
Holly House Preschool LLC


Cathy Holt Yoga

I have had the good fortune to have a yoga studio here in Chatham for over 21 years now!

When I began there were no yoga studios in Chatham and it was before yoga had become so mainstream and well known the way it is now. After I completed a 500 hour training to teach, I assumed that I would have to drive into Chapel Hill daily to work. What a surprise to find that there were
enough people who were interested right here in a rural county like Chatham.

I knew a lot of people from having recently been the executive director of the Chatham County Arts Council and organizing the Chatham County Studio Tour.

But I had no idea how easy that would lead to me successfully filling my classes in yoga! Mostly with artists in the beginning but positive word of mouth really does work.

I have needed to do very little advertising other than the Chatlist for all these years!

Because of Covid, I had to close the studio in March but hope to be able to open in up again one day when it is safe to do so. You will find much more information about the studio on the web-site

I am forever grateful to this community for having supported Cathy Holt Yoga for all of these years and for the remarkable friendships I’ve made through the experience.
Stay well!

Judy Hogan Creative Writing Consultation

Judy Hogan has been helping writers for fifty years. She offers consultation on creative writing, including fiction, memoirs, poetry, essays. She also teaches classes by Skype during the fall and winter. She charges $2.50/page double spaced for her advice.

Here’s what I’ll be teaching for 10 weeks January-March 2021.

Poetry Writing and Reading. Will run from Jan.11 through March 15 with a snow day of  March 22. We’ll read Galway Kinnell’s translation of the Poems of Francois Villon.  In a dual language edition. He lived in the Middle Ages He is said to have been a student who turned vagabond and thief, living amid desperate poverty and violence. We’ll work by Skype and written work will be turned in to the instructor for strengthening the student poetry. Fee for 10 weeks is $180.

Writing Fiction and Non-fiction: novels, short stories, memoirs, autobiography will run from January 7, Thursday, 12:45  to 2:45, ending March 11, with a snow day of March 18. Hogan will read student material, and make suggestions for witing as needed, but it’s fine for students to work on a longer piece. We work by Skype and material is turned in for instructor comment. We will read Louise Penny’s novel How the Light Gets In. Fee for 10 weeks is $180.

I also sell books I’ve published independently in my Penny Weaver series (right now A Teen’s Christmas in Wales is out), and also from Adelaide Books, Baba Summer: Part Two about my experiences in Russia in 1992. Contact me at  and 919-545-9932. My blog is and my web site is


Created in 1988 to provide services to young children and their families, KidSCope provides social-emotional and mental health services for young children, consultation in classrooms for young children at risk, evidence-based parenting education, inclusive early childhood education for children with special needs, and health & child development resources for families and providers of young children.

KidSCope Services:

Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation
Kristan Leonard, MA, LPCA 919-806-6447 
Provides screening and support to children birth-5 whose child care providers have concerns about their development, behavior, or ability to succeed in the classroom. Consultants work with child care providers and families to create success strategies in the classroom. Services are provided free of charge and do not require a diagnosis.

Mental Health Services
Kathy Eden, LCSW 919-358-3585 
Spanish: Sofia Moyano Kleckner, LPCC, 919-321-5515 
Provides evidence-based child therapies in home or office for families with children birth-5, which focus on improving the caregiver-child relationship and increasing children=92s positive behaviors. Parents are actively involved in the program and gain an understanding of their child’s behaviors and how to address them in a developmentally appropriate manner. Services include customized evaluation, early intervention and individual counseling and education for families, including Parent-Child Interactive Therapy (PCIT), Attachment and Biobehavioral Catchup (ABC), Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TFCBT).

Incredible Years Parenting Education & Support
Courtney White 919-423-6394 

The Incredible Years Parenting programs are free, evidence-based classes to support and educate parents. IY Preschool is a 16-week program for parents of children aged 3-6 years. Parents learn skills to promote children’s social competence, school readiness and to reduce behavior problems. Offered in English and Spanish, classes focus on play and positive involvement with children, praise and rewards, effective limit setting and non-violent discipline practices.

For referrals to Mental Health Services, call Marie Jost 919-644-6590 or email to 

Lara Kehle, MS, ITFS, LPA
Pronouns: she/her/hers  Pronombres: ella/suya
KidSCope Early Intervention and Family Support
Acting Chair, Chatham Health Alliance
Co-Chair, Chatham Health Alliance Access to Comprehensive Care Subcommittee

220 Chatham Business Drive, Pittsboro, NC 27312
Early Intervention and Family Support