Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas

By Kevin Roche

top view of a family praying before christmas dinner
Photo by Nicole Michalou

It is Christmas week, and even for many non-Christians, this is a big holiday time.  It is the winter solstice, the time when the darkness begins to fade away and the light grows.  It is a time for humans to do what they evolved to do, be social and interact with other humans.  Use your own judgment about what the risk may or may not be in gathering with family and friends.  Don’t listen to so-called experts who have demonstrated over and over again that they don’t have a clue about this epidemic and who are constantly hypocritical in their own actions.  Especially don’t listen to Governors who truly are clueless buffoons.  Use your own brain to gather facts and conduct analyses and make your own judgment about what is best for you.

Use your own judgment about what to do for the holidays, and have a warm and relaxing time, whatever you are doing.

I truly hope you will all have a wonderful holiday, and enjoy the unique warmth of human contact with family and friends.  Those moments are the most important of our lives.  Be sure you weigh the value of those moments in your calculation of risk.  I will be with my family, multiple households, multiple generations, doing what we usually do at holidays.  I encourage you all to do the same if you wish.  You never know when the opportunity will come again.